Thursday Morning Track

Identical to Wednesday night track workouts. This is simply an alternative to those that cannot make Wednesday night or prefer morning running. The workouts each week are designed by Coach Ed who leads the Wednesday night group and can be found on the Wednesday night track workouts.  

Group leaders for this workout are Coach Stephen "Big Guy" Easley, a USATF certified coach, and Coach Rich Mendelowitz, a RRCA certified coach. Thursday morning Track Workouts are held at the Yorktown High School track. The Address is 5201 N. 28th Street in Arlington, and the track is around the corner from the school on N. Greenbrier in the Football Stadium. The workout starts promptly at 6:00 AM. Most people arrive to do an easy warm-up together starting around 5:40 and then all do an easy one mile cool-down together after the workout.

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Questions can be emailed to Coach Big Guy or Coach Rich.

8 to 10 x 500m in 5k pace, 300m jog

Fellow Endorphin Junkies –

The weather tomorrow morning will be challenging, warm at 71 degrees and quite humid at 86%, with some wind at 3 MPH. With this humidity and heat, hydration is key – do it at least twice during the workout, and preferably after every 2nd interval!

Accordingly, the Thursday Morning DCRRC Track Practice in Arlington will begin at the Yorktown High School track tomorrow at 6:00 AM sharp, with announcements before 6 - so please get there by 5:40 to warm up. The workout is as follows:

August 8, 2019 - 8 to 10 x 500m in 5k pace - with 300m jog recovery in between

• Stallions: 5:45 to 6:15 Pace, 10 Intervals
• Wolf Pack: 6:15 to 6:45 Pace, 9 – 10 Intervals
• Gazelles: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace, 8 – 9 Intervals
• Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:00 Pace, 8 Intervals

This is another speed workout guaranteed to build both strength and stamina for your fall races. These are tougher than they look, so try to finish strong - push that last 100, and make sure you focus on form so you run efficiently, effectively, and injury-free. I would ease into these by running the first couple in 8k or 10k pace, but also feel free to crush the last couple in 3k pace if you are still feeling frisky.

In club news from Coach Rich ...

Just one race to report this week the very steamy Steve Thompson 8K down at Lake Accotink. Here is how the crew made out:

31:10 - Rodrigo Vellon, 1st AG
33:11 - Kyle Edgerton, 2nd AG
34:14 - Chris Walsh, 2nd AG
34:15 - Christie Wetzel, 1st OAF
34:50 - Will Hernandez
35:04 - Andrew Simpson
38:46 - Kenneth Riley, 3rd AG
43:33 - Emily Riley
45:22 - Dara Shulman, 1st AG
46:40 - Donna Lekang, 2nd AG
54:40 - Elizabeth Humphrey

The next club race is the Paul Thurston 4.5M on Aug 20. No updates on the club picnic and Cross Country race yet. I will let you know the minute there is any news. Go to to register and for most up-to-date info.

Coach Big Guy has returned from LaLa Land and ATX, and he and Coach Rich will see you in the Morning!


Thursday Track - 6-8 x 800, 400 rest

Hi Everyone. Big Guy is on travel this week and I can't make it tomorrow morning due to an early morning appointment. Mary Kusler has the gavel and will get things going. Please be nice to her :)

Speed workout on the docket for this week. 6-8 x 800 at 5K pace with a 400 rest. Temperature will be right at 70' which is not bad given what we had but it will be extremely humid (94%). Make sure to bring fluids and drink them as you need along the way.

As always, be warmed up in advance fo the 6:00AM start

Only a couple race results I know of from this past week...

At Riley's Rumble HM up in Montgomery County Li Fang won the Masters Women's competition with a time of 1:36:28. This an incredibly hilly and difficult course so Li's time is really impressive. Hai Nguyen was there, as is his norm, and turned in a solid effort with a time of 1:51:58. Congrats to both of you!

At the PVTC track meet Paul Ryan won his AG in the mile with a time of 6:30. He was also 2nd in his AG in the 3000 with a time of 13:22. Paul is still feeling rusty from his long vacation cruising the northern seas of Scandinavia. I am certain he will be back chasing the 6 minute mark again in very short order. Still very nice work for Paul.

The next club race is the Steve Thompson 8K next Tuesday, Aug 6 followed by the Paul Thurston 4.5M on Aug 20. No updates on the club picnic and Cross Country race yet. I will let you know the minute there is any news. Go to to register and for most up-to-date info.



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