#dcrrc1milechallenge - Current Standings

#dcrrc1milechallenge - Current Standings

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Join the 1 Mile Challenge!

DC Road Runners Club Virtual One Mile Challenge - #dcrrc1milechallenge

Greetings DC Road Runners and friends. Realizing we have no races before us in this phase of the Coronavirus pandemic we want to connect our members and running community friends through our love of running. We will have a monthly challenge for all to participate in.

For the month of May we will have a One Mile Challenge. The Mile is an iconic distance. The lure of a personal best entices the most competitive runners, but it's accessible enough to appeal to runners of all experience levels. See how fast you can run one mile and see where you stack up against fellow runners both overall and in your various age-groups.

Anyone can participate in the challenge. We just hope that we can help people feel a little more connected during this time of isolation while doing what we all love: Running!

Here's how to participate. No registration is required. Just go Run ONE Mile as fast as you can any time between May 18 and May 24. Take a screen shot or picture of your time and distance. Make sure the distance shows at least 1 mile. Also, take a picture of yourself at the venue you are running your mile at. Send both pictures along with the other simple info below to us via email to 1milechallenge@dcroadrunners.org. Here is the what we are asking for:

Send your results to: 1milechallenge@dcroadrunners.org
• Title the email: #dcrrc1milechallenge
• Your full name
• Age on day you ran this mile
• Are you a current DC Road Runner Club Member? Yes or No
• Attach both pictures

As for your results photo, you can take a picture of your watch or a screen shot from Strava, Garmin Connect or whatever your running tracking app is. Doesn't matter. You can run your mile anywhere you like but please do your best to make it flat(ish) and not downhill. There are many local trails that have 1-mile markers and of course several local race courses that have miles marked on them like the Bluemont, Anacostia Park, Hains Point and many others. You can also run on a track if one is open. Just remember that 4 times around is only 1600 meters. Don't forget to add the extra 30 feet to make your mile. Most tracks have a mark of some sort 30 feet back from the main start / finish line.

This is meant to be a fun challenge so you are on your honor for making this a legit mile. We would love for you to use the hashtag, #dcrrc1milechallenge to title your mile in Strava and other social media sites. Results will be posted daily on our DC Road Runners Facebook Page and our DC Road Runners Website. There will be some fun prizes for overall and age-group leaders.

In June we will have a 5K challenge and we will hold another One Mile Challenge in July so you can see your progress.

Don't over-think this. It is meant to be simple for all and fun. Please do remember to follow all social distancing guidelines and stay safe. If you do have questions send email rich@dcroadrunners.org. Thanks in advance for joining the fun!


COVID-19 Update


Our DC Road Runners Club regular operations remain on pause due to the conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, we are now working with the broader RRCA and some of the other member clubs on understanding possible solutions and future operating methods for group events and of course races. This will have to take place within the restricted guidelines that we will have to face in the coming months and involves our local and state government rules and guidelines. It is our hope to return to some limited group activities as soon as it is safe to do so. Safety of our members will remain our number one concern.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any comments, concerns, or questions.

In good health, DCRRC Board of Directors
RRCA Survey About Return to Running Events and Group Runs

No doubt we are living through challenging times, and the exercise and sport we love the most - running - has certainly been impacted like so many other areas of life. The Road Runners Club of America is seeking input from you about your thoughts and attitudes related to a return to running in events and running with groups/in group training programs. Your feedback will be helpful, as the RRCA works with a consortium of race directors, club leaders, health experts, industry leaders, and more as we work in partnership to craft guidelines and recommendations to assist the running community in the coming months. We encourage you to participate in the survey here.

Virtual Race Challenge


In May we will hold our first ever DCRRC Virtual 1 Mile Challenge. This will be held the week of May 18-24. Details on how to participate will be here and the club Facebook page next week. Additionally, we will have a DCRRC Virtual 5K Challenge in June.



2019 - 2020 Snowball Series Schedule

Below is our current schedule of races. For complete Snowball Series information click here.

Race Schedule

  1. Bread Run 10K, December 8
  2. Gar Williams Half Marathon, December 15
  3. Al Lewis 10 Miler, January 11
  4. JFK 20K & MLK 5K, January 18
  5. Langley 8K, February 8
  6. Club Challenge 10 Miler, February 23 (now open for sign-up!)
  7. Burke Lake 12K, March 1
  8. Fort Hunt 10K, March 8

2019 - 2020 Snowball Series Standings

The 2019 - 2010 Snowball Series Standings have now been updated through the 8th race of the Series, the Ft. Hunt 10k, and can be found at 2019 - 2020 Snowball Series Standings Final standings will be posted on April 30th, to include any remaining volunteer credits.  Contact ted@dcroadrunners.org for any questions or corrections about the Standings.


Club Store

The club store is open for business. You can now order DCRRC branded apparel and accessories here and have them shipped directly to your home. Participation is voluntary. Navy blue club singlets will still be provided for free for club members running on DCRRC teams.

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The DC Road Runners Club is a member of the Road Runners Club of America and is also affiliated with USA Track & Field. We provide a year-round schedule of running events that offer everyone a chance to participate regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.