New Logos! Club Store is Open, "For a Limited Time Only"

We have refreshed our branding! Our new logos align with our inclusivity, embrace our history and celebrate the monuments and landmarks we call home.


The New Balance store is open, but only until August 4th, to ship all merch in time for the Fall race season.

Order yours today! We can’t wait to see these threads all across the world!


Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

If you have been paying attention to the news or spent anytime outside today, you probably have figured out we have a "High Heat Alert" for the next 10 days. The experts expect temperatures in the mid to high 90s and very high humidity for at least a week to ten days. Some of you got the memo, as I had six DCRRC runner flybys on the Custis/WO&D trails this morning between 6 and 7 AM when it was mercifully a little cooler. For everyone else, I offer a few heat tips to consider when planning your runs, since we creatures of habit will probably still be running when some of us make it to the Hell we deserve. ;-)

Coach Ed wisely gives these rules of thumb: when the "Misery Index" (Temperature in Fahrenheit + Dew Point) is less than 130 you should be OK, from 130 to 140 be cautious,


2024 Bunion Derby Series - Save the Dates!

We are pleased to announce this summer's Bunion Derby race schedule.

Want to earn a 2024 Bunion Derby Series shirt, jacket or perhaps a trophy for placing? Come on out and join the racing fun.

Race Schedule

1. WDF and RATW 5K, Sunday, 6/9/2024 at Bon Air Park (8AM race start)
2. Hugh Jascourt 4-miler, Friday, 6/21/2024 at Fletcher's Boat House (7PM race start)
3. Age-Handicapped 4-miler, Thursday, 7/4/2024 at Carderock Recreation Area (8AM race start)
4. Bastille Day 4-miler, Sunday, 7/14/2024 at Fletcher's Boat House (7PM race start)(postponed due to NPS conditions of permit on heat advisory)
5. Bluemont 5K, Wednesday, 7/24/2024 at Bluemont Park (7PM race start)
6. Paul Thurston 4.5-miler, Tuesday, 8/13/2024 at Burke Lake Park (6:45PM race start)
7. Steve Thompson 8K, Sunday, 8/18/2024 at Belle Haven Park (7AM race start)
8. Cross Country 3-miler and Club Picnic, Saturday, 8/24/2024 at Nottoway Park- A mile from Vienna/Fairfax GMU Metro Station (5:15PM race start)

Please see the series rules for complete details.


Bunion Derby Series 2024

The Bunion Derby Series standings after the third race, the Age Handicap 4 miler, can be found here 2024 Bunion Derby Series Standings Please contact for any updates or corrections


Club Store

The club store is open for business. You can now order DCRRC branded apparel and accessories here and have them shipped directly to your home. Participation is voluntary. Navy blue club singlets will still be provided for free for club members running on DCRRC teams.

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The DC Road Runners Club is a member of the Road Runners Club of America and is also affiliated with USA Track & Field. We provide a year-round schedule of running events that offer everyone a chance to participate regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.