Thursday Morning Track

Identical to Wednesday night track workouts. This is simply an alternative to those that cannot make Wednesday night or prefer morning running. The workouts each week are designed by Coach Ed who leads the Wednesday night group and can be found on the Wednesday night track workouts.  

Group leaders for this workout are Coach Stephen "Big Guy" Easley and Coach Rich Mendelowitz.  Both are USATF and RRCA certified coaches. Thursday morning Track Workouts are held at the Yorktown High School track. The Address is 5201 N. 28th Street in Arlington, and the track is around the corner from the school on N. Greenbrier in the Football Stadium. The workout starts promptly at 6:00 AM. Most people arrive to do an easy warm-up together starting around 5:40 and then all do an easy one mile cool-down together after the workout.

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Questions can be emailed to Coach Big Guy or Coach Rich.

TMBC 12-16 x 400, 100 rest

Hi Everyone. Big Guy is celebrating his 64th birthday today and enjoying a fun day down in Asheville, NC with his lovely bride Becky. Last I heard from him he was at the Hillman Brewery telling me how good the beer was. I will leave the rest to your imaginations. BIG Happy Birthday to the coach!

The weather tomorrow morning will be less than perfect for track work but hey, you all are already toughened up and acclimated to this summer in the DMV. We have an old reliable strength workout planned. 12-16 x 400 with 100m rests. 400s at 10K pace. Remember to keep those 100m rest intervals consistent i.e. don't slow down your rest interval as you progress. Take the 400s in sets of 4 and get water after each set. Try to then make each set a little faster than the one before.

At the races this week ... The Peachtree Road Race 10k has drawn national and international attention for many years on the July 4 holiday. Some of the finest and fastest runners cover a challenging 10K course in what is usually brutal summer conditions in Atlanta. Not so brutal this year and Chris Walsh was there enjoying those conditions. He turned in a fine time of 42:55. Way to go Chris!

The Age-Handicapped 4M also took place on the 4th. Some nice times as always but age-group standings aren't in the results. Big shout out to Arielle being the first women across the line including handicap but also the fastest female scratch time.

Age-Handicapped 4M


25:25 - Arielle Weiner, 1st OAF

26:31 - David Meeks

28:04 - Mark Bourgeois

28:05 - Liz Ozeki

29:01 - Bonnie Harvey

29:48 - Kate Scott

37:29 - Eunja Rau

The next Bunion Derby race is the Bastille Day 4M on July 14. The entire schedule of races is on the club Website at All the series races are free to club members but we do need volunteers for all the races as well. You can sign up to run or volunteer at the above link.

See you all tomorrow morning. Happy running!



TMBC Sprint Medley Ladders!

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow will again be very challenging, like much of this week, with Temps in the mid 70s, with lots of humidity and little wind. Definitely bring fluids, and maybe even a cooler with ice – it will be challenging with a tough workout.

July 1, 2021 – Sprint Medley Ladders – 200m/400m/600m/800m/1200m all in 10k Pace, then down at 5k Pace 800m/600m/400m/200m, all with 400m easy jogs except 200m easy jogs after the first 200m and between the last 400 and the final 200m

There are a lot of intervals to run (nine), and a lot of jogs in between, so if you want to shorten the workout, just skip the 1200m. You do NOT want to go out fast, as the benefit to this sort of workout is increasing your speed, cadence and pushing past your lactate threshold on the back end of the workout. At these short to medium distances, correct sprint for is the key. 8 to 12 degree lean, lifting knees higher, core still, no crossover with your arms, and do not clench your fists. Make sure you are up on your toes, and increase speed by increasing cadence, which counter-intuitively may involve shortening your stride.

And now the Coach Rich Club Report!

Greetings Thursday morning faithful. Only one at the races this past weekend was Paul Ryan at the AAU Regional Track Meet inLandover, MD. He ran 3 events with the following results:

800 - 3:00, 4th fastest in US 70-74 this year

1500 - 5:55, 3rd fastest in US 70-74 this year

3000 - 12:48, 1st fastest in US 70-74 this year, 3rd in the world ranking

Paul had to largely run alone in each of his races and knows he can go faster with more competition. Hopefully he gets some in his next races. Big congrats as always to our favorite Admiral !!! Well done Paul.

The next Bunion Derby race is the Age-Handicapped 4M on July 4th. The entire schedule of races is on the club Website at All the series races are free to club members but we do need volunteers for all the races as well. You can sign up to run or volunteer at the above link.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Happy running!

Coach Big Guy will be out doing the workout at YHS tomorrow, but Coach Rich and Coach Jill won't be available!


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