Track Workouts for May-December 2017

Club Members and Guests: 

Following are track workouts for May through August 2017. As always, workouts may be adjusted in light of weather conditions. 

In late August and again on September 6, we may be preempted for HS field hockey games.  This is what Washington-Lee Athletics website currently indicates.  However, good news is that from September 13 onward, no Wednesday games are scheduled.  (This is typically band practice night, as our veterans know). So, we should now have 9 relatively uninterrupted months of Wednesday track workouts, through the end of February 2018.  

Please remember that the number of repeats (and pace) is suggested -- adjust as needed to your level of conditioning and particular needs, such as upcoming races, recovery from races, etc. See Coach Ed for advice on adjustments.   

May 10:  4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace.  5:00 recovery.  

May 17:  10- 12 (or more) x 400M @ 10K pace.  100M jog recovery. 

May 24:  8 - 10 x 500M @ 5K pace.  300M recovery. (Coach Ed will be absent)

May 31: Ladder: 300M (10K - 10M pace; 100M recovery); 600M (5K pace; 400M recovery); 1000M (5K pace; 400M recovery); 1000M (5K pace; 200M recovery); 600M (5K pace; 200M recovery); 300M (5K pace).  (In the event that there is a HS soccer tournament game that pre-empts our use of the track, this workout will be moved to June 7.) 

June 7: 12 -14 x 400M @ 10K pace.  100M jog recovery. 

June 14: 6 x 800M @ 5K pace.  400M jog recovery. 

June 21: No Workout -- Hugh Jascourt 4-Miler

June 28:  Ladder: 800M (5K pace; 400M recovery); 400M (5K pace; 200M recovery); 200M (30 second recovery); 1000M (10K pace).  Recover 3-4 minutes, then repeat.  2 sets for most; maximum 3 sets.    

July 5: 10 x 500M @ 5K pace.  400M recovery. 

July 12:  6 - 8 x 800M @ 5K pace.  400M recovery. 

July 19:  No Workout -- Bluemont 5K 

July 26:  6 - 8 x 600M @ 5K pace.  Alternate recovery -- 200M (after 1st repeat), 400M (after second repeat), etc.  

August 2: 14-16 x 400M @ 10K pace.  100M recovery.  (Coach Ed will be absent this week and next). 

August 9:  6 - 8 x 800M @ 5K pace.  400M recovery.  

August 16:  3 - 4 x 1-Mile @ 10K pace.  400M recovery.  (We will do this workout on Custis Trail if pre-empted by a HS field hockey game). 

August 23:  Ladder workout.  See June 28. 

August 30: 20-minute Tempo Run.  2 x 400M @ 5K pace.  200M recovery.  (Same as August 16 -- on Custis Trail if preempted by HS field hockey.  

September 6:  8 x 600M @ 5K pace, alternating 200M & 400M recoveries.  If track not available, we will do a comparable workout on Custis Trail. 

September 13: 3 - 5 x 1-Mile @ 10K pace.  400M recovery. 

September 20:  4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace.  5:00 recovery. 

September 27:  2 x 15:00 Tempo Runs.  2:30 recovery.  Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace, 200M recovery. 

October 4:  8 x 800M @ 5K pace.  400M recovery.  

October 11: 2 x 20:00 Tempo Runs. 3:00 recovery.  Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace, 200M recovery. 

October 18: Mile repeats @ 10K pace; Marathon Pace for MCMers.  400M recovery.  Number of repeats at your discretion.  

October 25:  8-10 x 500M @ 5K pace.  300M recovery. 

November 1: 12 - 20 X 400M @ 10K pace.  100M recovery. (More repeats for late November marathoners; fewer repeats for others). 

November 8:  800M repeats @ 5K pace; 400M recovery.  Pace and # of repeats dependent on whether you are building toward a race or in recovery mode.  

November 15: 3 x 1-Mile @ 10K pace. 400M recovery. 

November 22: No workout.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

November 29: 3 x 2000M @ 10K - 10M pace. 400M recovery. 

December 6: 12 x 400M @ 10K pace.  100M recovery. 

December 13: Christmas-Hanukah Relays. 2-person teams, each runner alternating 10 laps (8K total distance). Prizes and Happy Hour afterwards! 

December 20: 20-minute Tempo Run

December 27: No Workout.  

January 3, 2018:  6 x 800M.  400M recovery. 







Directions to Track

Track workouts are held on the track at Washington-Lee High School.

From Washington DC: take I-66 east to the Glebe Road exit, turn right on Glebe, right on 15th Street for about 0.4 miles, to Stafford Street, turn right and cross over I-66 and the school is on your left.
From Vienna and points west in Virginia: take I-66 east to the Fairfax Drive exit, follow Fairfax Drive for about 0.8 mile to Stafford Street, turn left for about 0.3 miles and the school is on your right.
From Alexandria: take Glebe Road going north until turning right on 15th Street, and proceed as from DC.
Metro: Washington-Lee is a short walk from both the Virginia Square and Ballston Metro stations on the Orange Line.

Upcoming Events

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Wed, Jul 18th, 2018, @7:00pm
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