Wednesday Track Workouts

Welcome to the DCRRC Wednesday Night Track Workouts. In conjunction with our year-round distance-specific training programs, and our regular Saturday Long Runs, these workouts aim to give runners of all abilities the fitness to reach their goals. For the novice or casual runner, these workouts will challenge you to a higher level of running fitness. For the competitive runner, track workouts are an essential means to reaching personal bests and to succeed at whatever level you are competing.

Our workouts focus on two of the three forms of speed work used by distance runners from the 5K to the Marathon: Stamina Training (10K race pace or slower) and Interval Training (around 5K race pace). We also do a limited amount of Speed Training (faster than 5K race pace) especially during the summer.

Do not worry if this is new to you, and especially if you feel that track workouts are for "fast" runners. Our posted workouts are suggested "maximums," and can be individually tailored to your current level of fitness and specific running goals. Our coach, Ed Grant, has been leading these workouts for 20 years, and is happy to customize a workout plan to meet your needs.

To get a sense of how fast you should run during these workouts, we encourage you use the McMillan Running Calculator. You can plug in a recent race time and a goal race time, and the Calculator will churn out Training Paces (click on that term) for everything from long runs to speed paces.

Track Workouts for November 2014 - February 2015

Members & Guests:  

Our Wednesday Night Track Workouts will continue during the winter months at Washington-Lee HS, with warm-ups starting at 7:00 PM and thr workoput proper at 7:15 PM.  

The focus during these months will be tempo-pace (10M to 13.1M race pace) and cruise interval (8K-10K pace).  Don't worry if you are already doing another "tempo run" during the week.  These track workouts are likely to be at a faster pace, and we willl throw in some speed, especially at the end of workouts, to provide some variety.  

November will be a "light load" month.  We will transition to heavier workouts in December.  Remember the Club's Snowball Series races as a prime way to prepare for Spring races, up to and including the marathon. 

Those in the Spring Marathon Training Program should attempt these workouts as written, but may adjust for pace and number of repetitions.  Coach Ed will be there most weeks to provide specific guidance.  Those in the Half-Marathon Training Program will receive special guidance and workouts after the program begins in 

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Check website for any updates regarding inclement weather.  Coach Ed will adjust workouts in the event of severe cold/wind.  


11/5:   6 x 800M @ Cruise Interval (10K) pace.  400M recovery.  Finish with 2 x 400M at 5K pace. NOTE: 

11/12:  3 x 1600M @ Cruise Interval pace.  400M recovery.  Finish with 2 x 400M at 5K pace. 

11/19:  20-minute Tempo Pace run.  Finish with 3 x 300M.  Walk 100M recovery.

11/26:  NO WORKOUT.  If you are not doing a Turkey Trot race here or in your hometown (which is highly recommended), repeat workout from 11/13.  



12/3:   3 x 2000M @ Tempo Interval Pace (<10M).  Slow 400M recovery.  Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace. 

12/10:  12 x 400M @ Cruise Interval Pace (10K).  100M jog recovery. 

12/17:  Christmas Relays.  Two-person teams, alternating a total of 20 laps (8K).  December HappyHour to follow at Carpool on Fairfax Drive. 

12/24: Merry Christmas.  No Workout.  Try to repeat workout from 12/11, or other workout of your choice. 

12/31:  Happy New Year!  Repeat a workout of your choice from above.  OR race the DCRRC New Years 5K on Thursday 1/1. 



1/7:    14 - 16 x 400M @ Cruise Interval (10K) pace. 

1/14:  2 x 15:00 Tempo Pace run.  2:30 recovery and return to start.  Finish with 2 x 400M

1/21:  4 x 1600M @ Cruise Interval (10K) pace.  

1/28:  6-8 x 800M @ 5K pace.  400M recovery. 


2/4:    Ladder: 800M - 1000M - 1200M - 1000M - 800M.  All @ 10K pace except final 800M @ 5K pace. 400M recovery after each.  

2/11:  16 - 18 x 400M @ 10K pace.  

2/18:  4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace.  5:00 recovery.  

2/25:  4 x 2000M @ Tempo Interval Pace, Reducing to 10K pace on final one.  400M recovery.  




Tuesday & Wednesday Night Track Workouts -- Sept. & Oct. 2014

Members & Guests:  

As previously, announced, we will be splitting workouts this fall between Tuesday and Wednesday nights, to accommodate the fall sports schedule at Washington-Lee.  Fortunately, assuming the current posted schedule holds, we should be able to do a workout on the track each of the next 9 weeks, through the end of October.  This is always subject to change if games are re-scheduled due to postponement.  We will do our best to keep current with the schedule and advise of any further changes. 

Thus, please pay close attention to the date of each workout, printed in bold.  

We will return this week (Tuesday, September 2) to our regular start time of 7:15, with warm-ups preceding that.

For those who are interested, there will be a "programmed" warm up each week starting at 7:00 PM.  (It would be best if you have run at least 800M before that programmed warm up begins.) This warm-up period will be designed especially for less-experienced runners, and will include advice on how to modify the workouts posted below so that they are more appropriate to your level of fitness and running goals. Advice on stretching and recovery will also be provided. 

A reminder: Check your recommended paces on the McMillan Running Calculator.


Tuesday September 2:  It will be a scorcher -- heat index predicted near 100 at 7:00 PM.  To accommodate this, we will do a simple 8 - 10 X 400M with a full 400M jog recovery.  Hydrate, hydrate! 

Tuesday September 9:  2 x 15:00 Tempo-Pace runs. (About 10-Mile race pace).  2:30 recovery jog.  Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace, 200M jog to recover in between.  (Those not ready for two full 15-minute repeats should simply do one repeat, or cut the second one short.)

Wednesday September 17:  6 - 10 x 800M @ 5K ("Interval") pace.  Slow 400M jog recovery.  The max of 10 (or 8) repeats is suggested for marathoners, particularly those with races in early October.  (Coach Ed will not be present this week or the next.)

Wednesday September 24:  3 - 5 x 1-Mile @ 10K ("Cruise Interval") pace.  400M jog recovery.  

Tuesday September 30:  12 - 20 x 400M @ 10K pace.  Slow 100M jog recovery.  

Wednesday October 8:  4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace.  5:00 recovery.  First repeat can be at 10K pace to better pace yourself through this difficult workout. 

Tuesday October 14:  2 x 20:00 Tempo-Pace Run.  (Can adjust second repeat to shorter time.)  2:30 recovery.  Finish with 2 x 400M at 5K pace, 200M recovery.  

Wednesday October 22:  Last Pre-MCM Workout.  Easy running for MCMers.  For others, 6 - 8 x 800M @ 10K pace, 400M recovery.  

Tuesday October 28:  MCM Recovery Night.  Easy jog, if anything, for MCMers.  For others, 3 -4 x 1-Mile @ 10K pace.  400M recovery. 




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Directions to Track

Track workouts are held on the track at Washington-Lee High School.

From Washington DC: take I-66 east to the Glebe Road exit, turn right on Glebe, right on 15th Street for about 0.4 miles, to Stafford Street, turn right and cross over I-66 and the school is on your left.
From Vienna and points west in Virginia: take I-66 east to the Fairfax Drive exit, follow Fairfax Drive for about 0.8 mile to Stafford Street, turn left for about 0.3 miles and the school is on your right.
From Alexandria: take Glebe Road going north until turning right on 15th Street, and proceed as from DC.
Metro: Washington-Lee is a short walk from both the Virginia Square and Ballston Metro stations on the Orange Line.

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