Iwo Jima Memorial

Welcome!  This is the home of the world-famous (well, maybe locally well-known) SLR.

Our start time is now 7:00 am.  Every Saturday we meet at North Meade Street Park, a small park northwest of the USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) in Rosslyn. The closest address for mapping purposes is 1300 Arlington Blvd, and street parking is available in the neighborhoods adjacent to N. Meade Street. Be mindful of parking signs, since Arlington County enforces them enthusiastically, and please do not park on Marine Memorial Circle (inside Iwo Jima), since parking there is for memorial use only.

At least one porta-john is available year-round near the Iwo Jima Memorial, and the memorial's water fountain is usually on during the summer. We run rain or shine! As far as winter weather goes, the run will go as planned unless otherwise posted via email/twitter/facebook and the SLR website.

All are welcome!  If you don't want to run the same distance or course as the main group, you can go for half the distance you want to run and re-trace your steps back to Iwo Jima.  Mileage options will be given in the email preceding each Saturday's run.  We are always looking for volunteers to bring post-run beverages, and/or mid-run beverages during the summer - the club will reimburse your water and Gatorade expenses. To help with beverages, please send an email to Mike.

For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or email slr@dcroadrunners.org.

To recieve weekly SLR updates via email, please check your email subscriptions.



Date Miles Route   Post-Run Beverages Mid-Run Beverages
8/27/2016 18 Custis - W&OD (map) Jonny P. Flora A.
9/3/2016 13.5 Southeast DC (map) Jennifer V. Yuko T.
9/10/2016 16 Mock Marine Corps Marathon (map) Jennifer V. Katie M.
9/17/2016 20 C&O Canal Towpath (map) Rachel G. Ellie E.
9/24/2016 14.25 Marymount Chain Bridge (map) Jenn B. Kyle E.
10/1/2016 16 Arlington Triangle (map) Jenn B. Eileen B.
10/8/2016 23 Big Loop (map) Rachel G. Shelley M.
10/15/2016 14 Mt. Vernon Trail (map) Anita H. N/A
10/22/2016 10 Chain Bridge Loop (map) Anita H. N/A


Email mike@dcroadrunners.org if you can help out with any beverage needs.  Please volunteer - it's your duty; if you regularly take part in SLR then you should also be volunteering!

SLR August 27 - Custis - W&OD

Hello Saturday Runners!

This week, on August 27, we will be running out & back on the Custis to W&OD route (additional map here), for a planned distance of 18 miles. Because this route is out & back, it's easy to go as long or as short as you'd like to fit your individual schedule. If you're going 18 miles, the turnaround point will be roughly on Virgina Lane (before reaching I-66), or you can adjust accordingly for other distances. Once you're on the W&OD trail, approximate mileage from the starting point will be offset by 1, so 6 miles out will be at mile marker 5, 9 miles out will be at mile marker 8, and everything in between. This route has a fair amount of rolling hills, but it's great preparation for facing hills in any of your upcoming races!

Forecasted temperatures this Saturday morning are similar to the heat that we've been used to recently, but fortunately the dew point should be down, so the expected relative humidity is no higher than about 80%. While that's still pretty high, it should feel a lot different than starting your run with 90+% humidity! Mid-run drinks this week will be located on Roosevelt St, just before Benjamin Banneker Park on the W&OD trail. This is about 6 miles from the start, so if you're going 18 miles you can stop on both your way out and back, at miles 6 and 12 of your run.

Thank you Jonny Pellish for post-run drinks, and Flora Arabo for mid-run drinks! All of our volunteer needs through the Marine Corp Marathon are now filled, so a big thank you to everyone who has helped out! For the future, up-to-date volunteer needs and a route schedule are always posted on our web page, and you can email me any time to schedule your slot. Our drinks are entirely volunteer provided, so if you're an SLR regular, please do your part to help support them!

Happy running!



SLR August 20 - Long Bridge Park

Hello Saturday Runners!

Our route on Saturday, August 20, will be Long Bridge Park (additional map here) for 15 miles. To shorten the run to roughly 10 miles, you can cut across from Crystal Drive just before 18th St. to the Mt. Vernon Trail at National Airport. If you'd rather add distance, you can return all the way up the Mt. Vernon Trail to Rosslyn for an extra mile, or add laps of Roosevelt Island on the way for even more miles. This week's mid-run beverage station will be between miles 7 and 8, on Slater's Lane (probably on runner's left near Buzz Bakery).


Thank you Jonny Pellish for post-run drinks, and Matthew & Emily Chesnes for mid-run drinks! We have one more volunteer slot opening before MCM to cover mid-run drinks on September 3, so please let me know if you can help on that day. Up-to-date future volunteer needs and a route schedule are always posted on our web page, and you can email me any time to schedule your slot. Our drink stations are entirely volunteer staffed, so if you're an SLR regular, do your part to help support them!

Happy running!







SLR August 13 - Piney Branch

Hello Saturday Runners!

On Saturday August 13, our route will be Piney Branch (additional map here), which is about 11.75 miles. To add distance, this route can be extended to 16 miles by continuing straight on 16th Street, past Military Rd., and left on Joyce Rd.  This will take you down to Beach Dr. where you can cross and head up Ross Dr. for some scenic views on your way to picking up the route again below Pierce Mill.

The forecast for Saturday is looking typically hot, so as usual everyone should be aware of the heat, and if necessary run at a slower pace than usual, carry extra fluids, and look out for any warning signs for dehydration both in yourself and your fellow runners. Unfortunately we don't have an organized mid-run water stop this week due to lack of a volunteer, but there are at least a number of water fountains along the route. You'll pass them at the Lincoln Memorial (~2 mi), Dupont Circle (~3 mi), 16th St across from Lamont St (~5 mi), the base of the Zoo (~7.5 mi), and on the Canal Towpath (~10.5 mi). To find water fountains along any of our weekly routes, go to the milermeter "additional" map link I always send out, change the map overlay style to "OpenCycle", and zoom in until you see water faucet icons on the map, which are public fountains.

Thank you Wendy Mcnally for post-run drinks! We still have a few openings in the schedule leading up to Marine Corps that need mid-run volunteers, including this week, so please let me know when you can help! Up-to-date future volunteer needs and a route schedule are always posted on our web page, and you can email me any time to schedule your slot. Our drink stations are entirely volunteer staffed, so if you're an SLR regular, do your part to help support them!

I'm going to be out of town once again this Saturday, but Coach Jessie from the Marathon Training Program will be kicking off the run for you on Saturday morning, and I'll see you all again next weekend.

Happy running!


P.S. One more thing to keep in mind - as far as I know this hasn't been an issue yet, but please remember that we are guests each week in a residential area. While it's perfectly normal for all of us to be psyched and ready to run lots of miles on Saturday morning, not everyone else is in pump-up mode at 6:45 am on the weekend. Particularly around the nearby apartments, it would be best to be mindful of loud music from your cars, or any other noise that might make us less than welcome.


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