SLR July 22 - TIME CHANGE 6:00 AM - Marymount Chain Bridge

Hello Saturday Runners!

CHANGE OF START TIME for SLR/MTP to 6:00 AM: Due to the extreme weather conditions coming on Saturday morning, we will be starting both the SLR and MTP runs at 6:00 AM in order to keep our runners out of the direct sun as much as possible. As always, listen to your body. Take it easier than normal when hot and humid. You will still receive the same training effect. Additionally, watch out for your fellow runners. If anyone looks off their norm, ask them if they are okay and needless to say, help anyone that needs help. Pre-, mid- and post-run drinks will be cold and ready for you, but please consider also carrying your own fluids during the run.

This week's run is the 14 mile Marymount Chain Bridge loop (downloads: cue sheet and gpx). You can shorten this run to 12 miles by returning via the Key Bridge rather than Memorial Bridge, and to 10 miles by going straight on Military Rd to N Old Glebe in addition to a Key Bridge return. To extend the run to 16 miles, keep going down the river and return via the 14th St Bridge and Mt Vernon Trail.

Thank you Amy Bush for post-run drinks, and Becky Easley for mid-run drinks! Mid-run drinks this week will be located at Madison Community Center on Old Glebe, about .25 miles past Walker Chapel. Our next need date for a mid-run drinks volunteer is August 5 (in two weeks), so please let me know if you can help on that date.

Volunteer needs along with the weekly route & distance schedule are always kept up-to-date on the SLR web page, and you can email me any time to schedule your slot. Post-run volunteers are typically scheduled for at least 2 consecutive weeks to cut down on handoffs of the bins, while mid-run drinks can be booked on a week by week basis. SLR drinks are entirely volunteer supported, so if you regularly enjoy this perk, do your part to keep it going! Volunteering is easy, doesn't take a lot of time, and all restocking expenses will be reimbursed by the club.

Happy running!



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