SLR Jan 14 - Mt. Vernon/ Hains Point "T"

Hello Saturday Runners!

This Saturday, Jan 14th, we will be running the Mt. Vernon/ Hains Point "T" route. The listed mileage this week is 18 miles – the route map / cue sheet is for 14, so do an extra loop around Hains point to get ur long run in!  More mileage options are provided after the directions.  Please thank Kevin Cunningham for once again providing post-run beverages.

Directions: Begin at Iwo Jima, take Mt. Vernon Trail south, crossing Memorial Bridge (mileage options begin here – see below), continue past Gravelly Point park (this is where the airplanes take-off). Turn around at Four Mile Run, just past the airport. Now heading North on Mt. Vernon trail - just after the 14th St. bridge, loop left to cross the 14th St. bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left 180 degrees down stairwell to Ohio Dr. After going down Hains Point and back up the other side, turn left on East Basin Drive, then Left on Ohio Drive and do another loop around Hains Point.  After 2nd loop, turn left to go past Jefferson Memorial, and take walkway up to 14th St. Bridge. Cross back over 14th St. bridge, take Mt. Vernon trail north and finish at Iwo Jima.  There are some port-a-potties at Gravelly Point fyi.

Approx. Mileage Options

  • 8: Go directly across 14th St. bridge (do NOT run down to Gravelly Point) to Hains Point, do 1 loop
  • 10: Turn around at Gravelly Point, continue with cues (1 loop around Hains Point)
  • 14: Do as written in cue sheet (1 loop around Hains Point)
  • 18: After your first loop around Hains Point, take Left on East Basin Drive, then Left on Ohio Drive and do another loop! (each loop around Hains Point is approx. 4 miles)

I remember having the sun in my eyes a lot on this route, so if its clear out sunglasses or a hat might be a good idea.  Have a good run, and dress warm! But not too warm…

 -- Erik


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