2018 Spring Marathon Training

2018 Spring Training

We are excited to be back for our 2018 Spring Training Programs!

Spring Marathon Training Program: The Spring Marathon Training Program is a 15-week program geared toward the Rock 'N' Roll DC Marathon (or any spring marathon of your choosing). The program begins on Saturday, December 2 at 7:45am and meets at North Meade Street Park, a small park northwest of the USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) in RosslynClick here to register!

Unless otherwise noted, Saturday spring training program runs always start at 8 AM from North Meade Street Park. Please be sure to arrive in advance of the kickoff time for announcements etc. Many thanks!

Please email training-marathon@dcroadrunners.org for questions on the marathon program.


Week 8

Welcome to week 8, having crossed the half way point of the training program. It's a significant milestone and also an indication that our target spring races are approaching quickly.

This week's 15-mile route is called "Iron Triangle," which is a bit of a riff on the "Arlington Triangle" route -- though it's shorter by roughly 3 miles. The "iron" part comes from tackling the hills in North Arlington and heading home on Custis. This will be a good run to take easy in the beginning and consider logging some goal pace (have you thought about yours?) miles on the way home given the net downhill. Complete route details are located on the SLR page.

As always, listen to your body! The higher weekly volume and multiple quality workouts per week (e.g., SLR plus a tempo/steady state and/or track work) can be a challenge this time of year and you don't want to get overcome by fatigue and/or overuse injuries. If you'd like running or strength training workout suggestions, please feel free to drop us a note at the email address listed above. Remember that DCRRC has several organized mid-week workouts, which are detailed on the Activities Page.

Weather this week ought to be better than either of the last two weekends. Starting temps will be in the low- to mid-30s, climing quickly to the low-40s near the end of the run. Skies will be mostly clear with a light wind -- not too bad for a Saturday in late January. Local hourly details are available on Weather.gov at this link.

Thanks to all the folks who stepped up to volunteer for SLR post-run drinks. We are now covered through the end of the spring training program! Please remember that training program participants are required to volunteer at DCRRC events as part of the terms of participation. One volunteer credit is, for example, two SLR post-run drink weekends or one volunteer role at a club race. There are numerous ways to get involved.

The "Upcoming Events" sidebar details a number of opportunities where the club needs your participation. In the near term, the DCRRC George Washington's Birthday Marathon and Relay is a significant event and we need LOTS of volunteers. The race director is coming this weekend to talk about the event and race needs. Volunteers will receive the same t-shirt as runners -- a high-tech full sleeve 1/4 zip. (Note that the final product may differ from this picture in color shade/style.)

See you this weekend!

GWBM Tech Shirt

GWBM Tech Shirt


Week 7

Welcome to Week 7, runners! We are approximately half way through the spring training program (can you believe it!?) and only six weeks away from the start of taper for Rock and Roll DC Marathon. Kudos to those of you who came out to run last weekend with the group or did a long run on your own. It was one of the toughest runs many of us had done in a long time and tested our mettle.

This week we are running the newly re-opened Normanstone-Klingle loop. Instead of the old abandoned road at Klingle, you now get to run down a brand new paved trail! The published route is just shy of 13 miles and represents a break in long run volume after last week's 16-miler. There are parts of the route that may be new to you, but a good portion of the run is on the Rock Creek Park trail, which is familiar territory. Full route details, including cue sheets, GPS tracks, and Mike's notes, are located on the DCRRC SLR page.

This week, while the temperatures will be about 25 degrees warmer at start time (and the rain will have stopped :-)), the wind will be blowing and the temperature will drop as the run progresses. Start time temps will be in the mid-30s, falling to the low-30s by the end of the run. Anticipate 15-20 mph wind with gusts as high as 30 mph. The areas around Rock Creek and the Zoo should provide some shelter from the wind, but it will still produce a wind chill that is about 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature. As with last week, dressing in layers, blocking the wind, and using clothing with zippers will be your friends. Hourly weather details from NOAA/NWS for Saturday morning are located at this link.

A few announcements to close out this week's email:

  • We need more SLR post-run drink volunteers. Many thanks to Bonnie Harvey for her support this week and over the past month. We will not have post-run drinks after this week until folks volunteer. As you know, all marathon training program participants have a volunteer commitment to fulfill. Email mike@dcroadrunners.org to sign up.
  • Saturday, February 10, is the DCRRC Langley 8K in McLean, Virginia. Volunteer information is available on the link.
  • Sunday, February 18, is the annual DCRRC George Washington's Birthday Marathon and Relay. We need a lot of volunteers for this event, so please consider signing up on the race page if you're not running. You can also race this event using up to a 3-person relay, with legs of 9.7, 7.3, and 9.2 miles -- it can serve as a good tune up.
  • Registration is now open for the RRCA Club Challenge 10M Race on February 26. This is a great event where you can represent our club among the other RRCA chapters in DC and Maryland, while testing yourself on a challenging course! The club will pay your $10 entry fee, but you must be a current DCRR club member or else your name will be removed from the roster. We'll also provide bus transportation to the race, with pickup and dropoff at Courthouse and Dupont Circle, which will have separate registration to be announced soon.

See you on the roads!

Jonny and all your friendly DCRRC volunteers


DCRRC -- 2018 Spring Marathon Training Week 6

Hi Runners --

Welcome to Week 6 and some of the coldest temperatures this area has seen for some time. We had a great turnout last week for a 14-mile run up 16th ST NW in the snow. This weekend will present a different set of challenges. You'll also notice that this is a new format for the weekly email distribution. This information, in addition to the email you receive, will be captured as an article located at https://www.dcroadrunners.org/activities/2018-spring-marathon-training.html. If there are specific training program documents, I will send those out in a separate email, so be on the lookout just in case.

This week's route is the 16-mile Arlington Triangle. It's one of my favorite routes that includes pieces of Mt. Vernon, Four Mile Run, W&OD, and Custis all in one. The first part of this route is pretty flat, then climbs on the W&OD portion, and goes back downhill (generally) on Custis. Full route details are located on the SLR page, which is located here.

Weather this Saturday morning will be mostly clear with a run-time temperature around 10 deg F. Given that there will be a NW wind of 10-15 mph, the windchill values will be around -5 deg F -- gusts could be as high as 25 mph. Layers will be key to staying warm and safe. Please consider these temperatures and dress accordingly. Hourly weather.gov details can be found at this link. A few weeks back I mentioned an article, The Newbie Guide to Running When It’s Cold; check it out again and consider it when getting ready for our run this Saturday. Keep in mind that you may be outside for a lot longer than a 3-6 mile run you did earlier this week. As always, questions are welcome.

As a reminder, now that we are getting into the meat of the training program, quality workouts (e.g., tempo/stead state runs, track workouts, etc.) outside of SLR are essential to having both a good target race as well as staving off injury during the remainder of the training program. As mentioned in emails earlier this season, the club has several organized workouts in addition to the Saturday Long Run -- there are more details here. I have some more information to provide regarding track workouts, which I will distribute tomorrow.

To close out this week's email, a few annoucements:

  • Volunteer and Race Opportunities
    • We need more SLR post-run drink volunteers after next week -- please contact mike@dcroadrunners.org if you would like to help out.
    • On Saturday January 13, we have the JFK 20K & MLK 5K in Carderock, Maryland. Volunteer at this link.
    • On Saturday February 10, we have the Langley 8K in McLean, Virginia.  Volunteer at this link.
    • On Sunday February 18 DCRRC holds the annual George Washington’s Birthday Marathon and Relay. We need a lot of volunteers for this event, so please consider signing up here. You can also race this event using up to a 3-person relay, with legs of 9.7, 7.3, and 9.2 miles -- it can serve as a good tune up.
  • One last call this week for 2017 club award nominations (to be presented at the Club Banquet in March 2018). We could use more nominations in any category, but especially for the volunteer award as well as masters runners' awards, so think back on all of the great accomplishments within the club this year and help your training buddies get recognized!

Take care, stay warm, and see you in a few days.

Jonny and all your friendly DCRRC volunteers!


New Format for Weekly Program Information

This is the new information dissemination method for weekly digests of marathon training program information. Publicly available information will be posted here and sent to all currently registered trainees, while training program-specific documentation and resources will be sent out to registered trainees using alternate means.


Registration is now open for our Fall Training Programs

Registration is now open for the Fall Marathon Training Program (MTP) and the Fall Ten Mile/Half Marathon Training Program.

The Marathon Training Jumpstart group will meet to 6:45am on June 18th for the last run before the official training program kicks off.

We will meet by the Iwo Jima Memorial (same spot as the SLR) to run 10 miles out and back. You do not need to register and may just show up! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at kathy@dcroadrunners.org


2016 Fall Half Marathon & Ten Mile Training Program Information

The DC Road Runners Club Summer Training Program is the official local program of the Army Ten-Miler. In addition, this program will also train those gearing up for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon. The program is open to any healthy adult at virtually any level of athletic ability. There is no speed requirement and all paces are welcome. The training program, with expert coaching, includes Saturday morning group training runs and mid-week speed workouts. Throughout the program there will be seminars provided by professionals in physical therapy, nutrition and more!


The 14-week program starts on Saturday, July 9 at Georgetown Running Company. Please note - participants needing a Jump Start on training are invited to join our Sunday Mid Run program.


The program is FREE for current DCRRC members, however you must register for the Half-Marathon/Ten-Miler Training program.


What’s included?

  • Weekly group Saturday morning long runs
  • Overall training schedule
  • Weekly track sessions
  • Several social events including Happy Hours
  • Weekly email tips
  • Weekly pace group coach emails
  • Special appearances, lectures and giveaways
    • Free entry into the summer Bunion Derby races
    • Discounts at local running stores and sports medicine providers


July 9th, 2015 7:30 AM   through   October 9th, 2015 7:30 AM 



Georgetown Running Company

3401 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
United States



Email: Kathy@dcroadrunners.org


Program Fee

FREE with current DCRRC membership*

*All members are required to volunteer for TWO DCRRC events


Please note your DCRRC membership fee does NOT register you for the Army Ten-Miler race. 


All runners should be prepared supply and run with their own hydration (hand-held water bottles or hydration vest).



2016 Fall Marathon Training Program Information

DC Road Runners Club Fall Marathon Training Program is your opportunity to successfully prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon or any fall marathon of your choice. The 18-week training program starts on Saturday, June 25 at North Meade Street Park, a small park northwest of the USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) in Rosslyn at 6:45 a.m. 


On that Saturday, come prepared to run ten miles following a short introductory overview of the program. 


Please note, if you need a head start on training, please come on out as you choose to our **FREE** Jump Start program that meets at 6:45 a.m. The group meets every Saturday from May 21 until the start of the program at the same place as the Fall Marathon Training Program.

The program is FREE for current DCRRC members, however you must register for the Marathon Training program.


What’s included?

  • Coaching for your pace and fitness level
  • Weekly informational updates and training plans
  • Weekly training runs:
    • Saturday morning group training runs with post-run Gatorade and water
    • Mid-week speed workouts
    • Weeknight group runs throughout the area
  • Seminars by professionals in physical therapy, diet and more!
    • Free entry into the summer Bunion Derby races
    • Discounts at local running stores and sports medicine providers
  • Social opportunities throughout training including Happy Hours
  • Motivation and camaraderie found only with a training group

Please note that the Saturday morning runs may move to a 5:45am start time in July and August due to weather.


Criteria for Participation. The Marathon Training Program is open to any healthy adult at virtually any level of speed/ability. To ensure that participants are sufficiently prepared and to minimize the chances of injury, participants should be averaging at least 15-20 miles per week and should be able to run 10 miles at one time without stopping when the program begins in June.


If you have not run a marathon, it is strongly recommended that you consult your physician prior to entering this program.

Although there is no speed requirement and all paces are welcome, pace groups typically range from about 7:15 min./mile to 12:00 min./mile for their long distance training. We also strive to group runners of similar abilities together in pace groups based on race times and other criteria.


Program Structure. The Marathon Training Program gradually builds up participants’ average weekly mileage and long run distance during the course of the program. The Marathon Training Program has various training schedules given the range of participants running capacities and experiences. For our lesser-experienced runners the Program builds from ~15 weekly miles in June to ~40 mile several weeks before the marathon. For the more experienced participants, the Program builds to ~55 weekly miles. All participants, no matter the experience level, participate in the same group long run on Saturday mornings, and a mid-week speed workout. And all participants are encouraged to work with your coaches to tailor the program to their individual running objectives. If you are proactive, work with your coach to set and periodically reevaluate your goals, attend group workouts on a regular basis, run the average weekly miles prescribed, and complete all the scheduled long runs, you are very likely to reach your marathon goal.

The Marathon Training Program is based on continuous running, as opposed to being a “walk-run” program. Our program workouts build upon three main ingredients to successful marathon training:

  • Base Miles. In order to build up the endurance necessary to complete a marathon, you will increase your average weekly mileage, or base, over the course of the program. Schedules are specifically designed to help you achieve your average weekly goals.
  • Long Runs. The cornerstone of the program is the weekly long distance run. Your long runs should be done at an easy, conversational pace. Generally, long runs should average anywhere between 60 to 90 seconds a mile slower than your target marathon race pace.
  • Quality Speed Workouts. Speed work teaches you to vary your pace, improve your running efficiency, and improve your level of fitness. Quality speed workouts during the Marathon Training Program consist of intervals on the track, tempo or threshold runs, hill running, and road races.

Weather. Generally, we hold workouts regardless of weather. However, we may cancel workouts in certain weather, such as thunderstorms, which would make either getting to a workout or running the route dangerous for coaches and participants alike. We may also change the location of a run based on the availability of an acceptable route given the weather conditions. These policies are similar to the policies of most marathon races and help to facilitate readiness for all possible racing conditions.


All runners are responsible for their own safety.


June 25th, 2016 6:45 AM   through   October 30th, 2015 7:30 AM


We meet at North Meade Street Park, a small park northwest of the USMC War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) in Rosslyn. The closest address for mapping purposes is 1300 Arlington Blvd, and street parking is available in the neighborhoods adjacent to N. Meade Street. Be mindful of parking signs, since Arlington County enforces them enthusiastically, and please do not park on Marine Memorial Circle (inside Iwo Jima), since parking there is for memorial use only.


Email: Kathy@dcroadrunners.org

Program Fee

FREE with current DCRRC membership*

*All members are required to volunteer for TWO DCRRC events


Please note you will need to select and register for a marathon race, as your DCRRC program fee does NOT include a race registration.


Upcoming Events

DCRRC Langley 8K
Sat, Feb 10th, 2018, @10:00am
DCRRC George Washington's Birthday Marathon and Relay
Sun, Feb 18th, 2018, @10:00am
Club Challenge Bus Seat Reservation
Sun, Feb 25th, 2018, @6:00am
Club Challenge 10M Race
Sun, Feb 25th, 2018, @8:00am
DCRRC Burke Lake 12K
Sun, Mar 4th, 2018, @10:00am
Annual Meeting and Banquet
Sun, Mar 4th, 2018, @6:00pm
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The DC Road Runners Club is a member of the Road Runners Club of America and is also affiliated with USA Track & Field. We provide a year-round schedule of running events that offer everyone a chance to participate regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.