#dcrrc1milechallenge - Final Results

Thanks to all who participated in the #dcrrc1milechallenge. Congratulations on some great times. We hope you had fun. The results now final and all the photographs are posted.

Overall Final Results


Race Photos


Greetings DC Road Runners and running community friends. The DC Road Runners Club 1 Mile Challenge is back for July. Now that all the tracks are open again, this month the challenge is a traditional mile on a 400-meter track. Come on out and try to beat your time from the May Challenge or just come out and see how fast you can run one mile. See where you stack up against fellow runners both overall and in your various age-groups. Most of all, have some fun challenging yourself.


It is completely free to all club members and all our running community friends. All are welcome. Simply go to your local track and throw-down your fastest mile time, submit your results along with a photo of you at your track venue. You must submit both your results and your photo so don't forget to take that picture. A mile is 4 full laps of a 400-meter track PLUS 30 feet 7 inches or 9.34 meters. Most tracks have a mile mark of some sort those 30 or so feet back from the main start / finish line.

Here's how to participate. No registration is required. Just go run 1 mile as fast as you can any time between July 13 and July 19. Take a screen shot or photo of your total time and distance. Please do not submit your pace for your result. Also, take a photo of yourself at the track you ran your mile. Upload your results to: https://gwbm.dcroadrunners.org/virtual-races/. Make sure to fill in all the requested information and upload the requested images

We would love for you to use the hashtag, #dcrrc1milechallenge to title your mile in Strava and other social media sites. Results will be posted daily on our DC Road Runners Facebook Page and our DC Road Runners Website.

Don't over-think this. It is meant to be simple for all and fun. Please remember to follow all social distancing guidelines and stay safe. If you do have questions send email to Rich at: 1milechallenge@dcroadrunners.org. Thanks in advance for joining the fun!


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