#dcrrc5Kchallenge Final Results and Photos

Thank you and congrats to all who participated in our DC Road Runners Club Virtual 5K. So many great photos of everyone having fun.

Link to all race photos.

Winners of our random drawing for a Pacers Gift Certificate are:

Kenny Ames

Sophie Sprinkel

Our winners by category:

Most Creative Strava Art Female - Liz Ozeki with her self portrait
Most Creative Strava Art Male - Alex Cooke with his Cat
Coolest Face Covering Female - Anna Staats
Coolest Face Covering Male - Will Henandez
Oldest race shirt worn Female - Laurie Horstmann
Oldest race shirt worn Male - Fred Fagerstrom
Funniest photo Female - Ida Draim
Funniest photo Male - Bob Draim

Congrats as well to Bobby Beasley and Anna Staats who turned in the fastest times and by happenstance both did it on a track. Again, congrats to all runners who participated!



Time(HH:MM:SS.000) First Name Last Name Gender
0:16:29.0 Bobby Beasley Male
0:17:26.0 Justin Runac Male
0:17:38.0 Ze Dagher Male
0:17:54.3 Alex Cooke Male
0:18:06.7 Kyle Edgerton Male
0:18:10.0 Miguel Matta Male
0:18:24.0 Anna Staats Female
0:18:32.0 Will Hernandez Male
0:18:36.0 Shawn Zeller Male
0:18:39.0 Nate Rathjen Male
0:18:48.0 Erik Fagerstrom Male
0:18:59.0 Kenny Ames Male
0:19:04.0 Carrie Dunn Female
0:19:12.0 Jillian Pollack Female
0:19:27.0 Jonathan Jacobson Male
0:19:34.0 Tatyana Steis Female
0:19:51.0 Hope Seck Female
0:20:05.0 Edgar Gil Rico Male
0:20:18.0 Sophia Sprinkel Female
0:20:46.1 David Meeks Male
0:20:54.0 Katie Sprinkel Female
0:21:05.0 Geoffrey Mason Male
0:21:12.0 Liz Lucius Female
0:21:15.0 Ian Huang Male
0:21:24.0 Liz Ozeki Female
0:21:25.0 Craig Brown Male
0:21:26.0 Alex Albertini Male
0:21:31.0 Steve Reilly Male
0:21:45.0 Claire Hallissey Female
0:21:55.0 Lauren Curley Female
0:21:57.0 Bob Draim Male
0:21:59.6 Adam Kiely Male
0:22:05.0 Paul Ryan Male
0:22:06.0 Rich Mendelowitz Male
0:22:22.0 Cory Kind Female
0:22:38.0 Scott Helms Male
0:22:48.0 Chris Johnston Male
0:22:55.0 Matt Anderson Male
0:22:57.0 Paul Rapavi Male
0:23:08.7 Diane Bartley Female
0:23:19.0 Jessica Pate Female
0:23:25.2 Ted Logothetti Male
0:23:34.0 Maria Zavala Female
0:23:37.0 Dylan Bernal Gil Male
0:23:41.9 Yuko Takakusaki Female
0:23:45.0 Luke Zeller Male
0:23:59.0 Ida Draim Female
0:24:00.9 Chantal Couturier Female
0:24:02.0 Mary Gersema Female
0:24:06.0 Zoe Abel Female
0:24:27.0 Andrew Yao Male
0:24:32.0 Joe Lorenz Male
0:24:33.0 Cecile Amos Female
0:24:33.0 Cecile Amos Female
0:25:05.6 Frithjov Iversen Male
0:25:28.0 John Fredland Male
0:25:33.0 Coach Big Guy Male
0:26:03.0 Gina Gil Female
0:26:24.0 Carl Ford Male
0:26:45.0 Keith Campbell Male
0:27:05.0 Andres Gonzalez Male
0:27:39.0 Marc Bosch Male
0:27:44.0 Eunja Rau Female
0:27:58.0 Cathie Fagerstom Female
0:28:13.0 Camilla Stone Female
0:28:13.0 Connor Stone Male
0:28:22.1 Bill Tracy Male
0:29:00.0 Lisa Towell Female
0:29:09.0 Fred Fagerstrom Male
0:29:24.0 Madelyn Zeller Female
0:29:36.0 Bengal Richter Male
0:30:15.0 Laurie Horstmann Female
0:32:45.0 Katie Mulrean Female
0:33:00.0 Kate Ackley Zeller Female
0:33:35.0 Kellie Honey Female
0:37:31.0 Lolita Haight Female
0:39:23.0 Abdoul Maiga Male
0:41:54.0 Deborah Francisco Female
0:42:19.0 Natasha Murarka Female

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