2017 Kinhaven 1K

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First Name Last Name Gun Time
Alec Hindren 03:00
Mason Sancho 03:08
Graham Ellinwood 03:21
Takuma Nishida 03:27
Mary Sancho 03:30
Takeru Sato 03:31
Jack Latcovich 03:36
Aiden McCready 03:41
Ajan Goyal 03:41
Thatcher Thornhill 03:41
Oz Malkesman 03:41
John Fox Thornhill 03:41
Nante Malkesman-Poker 03:43
Jamie Schweitzer 03:44
Naama Poker-Malkesman 03:45
Tad Moore 03:58
Carter Naus 04:12
Jake Broido 04:12
Rebecca Hungerford 04:18
Emma Perkins 04:33
Spencer Bragan 04:37
Leighton Parker 04:52
Syra Goyal 04:53
Andres Tamondong 05:02
Charlotte Mattone 05:05
Mitsuki Nishida 05:49
Jonah Kerr 05:53
Caroline Pahl 05:54
Rebecca Pahl 06:08
Enzi Kushner 06:08
Jessica Pahl 06:09
George Broido 06:10
Luke Smith 06:21
Jackson Tuohy 07:07
Aaron Yue 07:13
Levi Kerr 07:29
Alice Liebenthal 07:44

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