Winter-Spring 2020 Track Workouts


Happy New Year! Our group had a very successful 2019, with multiple personal records and, even more important, steady growth in regular participation at the Wednesday night workouts. Let's keep the trend going: invite your running friends to join us if they have not already.

A few words about the schedule and track availability. As you will see below, there are three consecutive weeks in March where scheduled W-L games will pre-empt the track. However, these are the only (at this point) scheduled interruptions. We recently discovered an alternative workout location adjacent to W-L that we will use at least one of those weeks (in addition to the "around the block" 1000M repeats we have done in the past). We will discuss that location when we meet at the track. Given the relatively favorable schedule, I have decided to post workouts through the end of June.

For those who have not done so, please subscribe to the email list for updates on Track Workouts. To do so, create an account on the DCRRC website, and then once you have logged in, click on "email subscriptions" under "My Account." You will see options for updates on a wide variety of DCRRC activities.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and fast(er) 2020, and see you at the track!

Coach Ed

January 8: 3-4 x 1600M @ 10K pace. 400M jog recovery. Finish with 2 x 400M @5K pace, 200M recoovery.

January 15: 12-16 x 400M @ 10K, 100M recovery.

January 22: 3 x 2000M @ 10K pace. Slow 400M recovery (in Lane 8).

January 29: 4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace. 5:00 recovery.

February 5: 2 x 15:00 Tempo Pace run. 2:30 recovery.

February 12: Ladder Workout: 300M (100M recovery); 600M (200M recovery); 1000M (400M recovery); 1200M (400M recovery); 1000M (400M recovery); 600M (200M recovery); 300M. ALL repeats at 10K pace, except final 300M @ 5K.

February 19: 4-5 x 1000M @ 5K pace. Slow 400M recovery (Lane 8).

February 26: 4-5 x 1600M @ 10K pace. 400M reovery. 2x400M to finish.

March 4: 2 x 20:00 @ Tempo Pace. 2:30 recovery.

March 11: TRACK UNAVAILABLE. 5-6 X 1000M repeats (around the block). Start at 10K pace and work down to 5K.

March 18: TRACK UNAVAILABLE. Ladder workout at alternate location adjacent to W-L. Specific location TBD at track.

March 25: TRACK UNAVAILABLE. Tentative: Mile repeats on Custis Trail or at alternate location from 3/18.

April 1: 4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace. 5:00 recovery.

April 8: 4-6 x 1600M @ 10K pace. 400M recovery. 2x400M to finish.

April 15: 6-8 x 800M @ 5K pace. 400M recovery.

April 22: 10 x 500M @ 5K pace. 300M recovery. (Coach Ed absent).

April 29: Ladder: 800M-400M-200M-1000M. 2-3 sets. Pace and recovery TBD at track.

May 6: 12-20 x 400M @ 10K pace. 100M recovery.

May 13: 4-6 x 1600M @ 10K pace. 400M recovery. 2x400M to finish.

May 20: 6-10 x 800M @ 5K pace. 400M recovery.

May 27: 10 x 500M @ 5K pace. 300M recovery.

June 3: 12-20 x 400M @ 10K pace. 100M recovery.

June 10: 4 x 5:00 @ 5K pace. 5:00 recovery.

June 17: 4-6 x 1600M @ 10K pace. 400M recovery.

June 24: Ladder: See April 29 (800-400-200-1000 sets).



Directions to Track

Track workouts are held on the track at Washington-Liberty (formerly Washington-Lee) High School.

From Washington DC: take I-66 east to the Glebe Road exit, turn right on Glebe, right on 15th Street for about 0.4 miles, to Stafford Street, turn right and cross over I-66 and the school is on your left.
From Vienna and points west in Virginia: take I-66 east to the Fairfax Drive exit, follow Fairfax Drive for about 0.8 mile to Stafford Street, turn left for about 0.3 miles and the school is on your right.
From Alexandria: take Glebe Road going north until turning right on 15th Street, and proceed as from DC.
Metro: Washington-Liberty is a short walk from both the Virginia Square and Ballston Metro stations (Orange/Silver lines).

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