Wednesday Track Workouts

Welcome to the DCRRC Wednesday Night Track Workouts. In conjunction with our year-round distance-specific training programs, and our regular Saturday Long Runs, these workouts aim to give runners of all abilities the fitness to reach their goals. For the novice or casual runner, these workouts will challenge you to a higher level of running fitness. For the competitive runner, track workouts are an essential means to reaching personal bests and to succeed at whatever level you are competing.

Where & When

Unless otherwise noted, workouts are held on the track at Washington-Liberty (formerly Washington-Lee) High School in Arlington. We meet near the concession stand (northwest corner) at 7:10pm and start the workout at 7:15pm. Warmups, drills, etc. are on your own.


Our workouts focus on two of the three forms of speed work used by distance runners from the 5K to the Marathon: Stamina Training (10K race pace or slower) and Interval Training (around 5K race pace). We also do a limited amount of Speed Training (faster than 5K race pace) especially during the summer.

Do not worry if this is new to you, and especially if you feel that track workouts are for "fast" runners. Our posted workouts are suggested "maximums," and can be individually tailored to your current level of fitness and specific running goals. Our coach, Ed Grant, has been leading these workouts for 20 years, and is happy to customize a workout plan to meet your needs.


To get a sense of how fast you should run during these workouts, we encourage you use the McMillan Running Calculator. You can plug in a recent race time and a goal race time, and the Calculator will churn out Training Paces (click on that term) for everything from long runs to speed paces. We recommend applying Mark Hadley's temperature + dew point adjustments in warm and humid weather. Temperature and dew point forecasts are available from the National Weather Service.

Wednesday Night Track Workouts March 8-May 2023


As we head into spring, we unfortunately face the annual challenge of finding alternate spaces to complete our workouts. But let's keep up the momentum we've built up over the winter, which has seen the best turnout in years for that season!

NOTE: We DO have the track on March 1! Workout previously posted, 6 x 800M repeats, 400M recovery. Pace depends on your recovery from Club Challenge 10-Miler. Others, so 5K pace or faster.

NOTE: On day(s) we have the track, open to doing another 5K time trial. Might be good in latter part of May.

March 8:"Around the Block" 1000M repeats. 10K pace. We start these at entrance to the W-L stadium, Coach Ed's car will be available for secure stowing of your gear. Course circles the W-L campus, more instructions before we start. 5-6 repeats.

March 15: Timed Ladder Intervals on Custis Trail. We will start at Milepost 1.5 (accessed on 15th St). Progression: 2:00 (1:00 recovery); 3:00 (2:00); 5:00 (3:00); Turn-around. 5:00 (3:00); 3:00 (2:00); 2:00 (Cool-down). Total fast running is only 20 minutes. Make it count! Repeats should be fast, especially on the "down" side of the ladder. Don't forget your watch!

March 22: Mile Repeats on Custis Trail, starting at Milepost 1.5, run to Milepost 2.0, turn-around. 2-3 minute jog or walking rest. 3-4 repeats. 10M-10K pace.

March 29: Hill Repeats on Randolph St. We will stagger start for safety. Reflective gear/lights recommended if you have them. Number of repeats will depend on distance of climb, TBD.

April 5: TRACK OPEN! 5-6 x 1000M @ 5K pace. 400M jog recovery.

April 12: Track on the Mall! We will meet at the Smithsonian Metro Stop on Blue/Orange/Silver Line at 7 PM. Workout TBD but will entail using one of the rectangular gravel paths, perhaps 2 laps followed by 1 lap recover @ variable pace (progressing faster).

April 19: Mile Repeats on Custis Trail. See March 22. 4-5 repeats.

April 26: Track Open (?): No W-L is on schedule, but will continue to check in case of make-up games. If track is available, we will do 10 x 500M @ 5K pace, 300M recovery. If track not open, will update here and on WhatsApp.

May 3: Track Open (?): Same as April 26. If track available, same workout as April 5 (1000M repeats).

May 10: Custis Trail Hare and Hounds Tempo Runs, 2 x 2-Mile. Start at Milepost 1.5, run EAST to Post 3.5. Coach Ed will be there at small park on the left with water and Gatorade. 2:30 recovery, return West on Custis Trail. Start will be staggered, with faster runners chasing down others.

May 17, 24, and 31: Presently, no games scheduled, but tournaments can change that. We will monitor W-L schedule website. Tentative Workouts, assuming we have the track:

17: 6-8 x 800M, 400M recovery. 5K pace, faster at end.

24: 3-5 x 1-Mile. 10K pace. 400M jog recovery.

31: 12-16 x 400M @ 10K pace, 100M jog recovery.


Wednesday Track Workouts January-February 2023

Members & Guests:

Following are the workouts for the next two months. In March and April, we will experience interrupted access to the track; workouts will be posted as the W-L HS athletic schedule is finalized.

January 11: 8-10 x 500M @ 10K-5K pace, starting slower and getting progressively faster. 300M jog interval.

January 18: 4-5 x 1000M @ 10K-5K pace. Same as Jan. 11, pace increasing through workout. 400M jog interval.

January 25: 10-14 x 400M @ 10K pace, 100M jog interval. Keep to 10K pace, not faster!

February 1: 2-3 x 2000M @ 10M-10K pace, 400M jog recovery.

February 8: 6 x 800M @ 5K pace (first rep at 10K pace). 400M jog interval.

February 15: 4 x 1-Mile @ 10K pace. 400M jog interval.

February 22: 10 x 400M @ 10K pace. 100M jog interval (Pre-Club Challenge tune-up).

March 1: 6 x 800M @ 10K pace, 400M recovery (Post-Club Challenge recovery).

Thanks, Coach Ed


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Directions to Track

Track workouts are held on the track at Washington-Liberty (formerly Washington-Lee) High School.

From Washington DC: take I-66 east to the Glebe Road exit, turn right on Glebe, right on 15th Street for about 0.4 miles, to Stafford Street, turn right and cross over I-66 and the school is on your left.
From Vienna and points west in Virginia: take I-66 east to the Fairfax Drive exit, follow Fairfax Drive for about 0.8 mile to Stafford Street, turn left for about 0.3 miles and the school is on your right.
From Alexandria: take Glebe Road going north until turning right on 15th Street, and proceed as from DC.
Metro: Washington-Liberty is a short walk from both the Virginia Square and Ballston Metro stations (Orange/Silver lines).

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