SMR December 3 - Rock Creek Route & Fuse Classes

Date: Saturday, December 3
Fuse Pilates in Dupont Circle area (2008 Hillyer Rd NW Washington, DC)
3-7 miles

Please note Fuse opens 10minutes prior to the start of our runs. If you arrive any earlier the doors will be locked, so just wait outside (but you are in the right place!)

The SMR runs do not have a sign-in/sign-out so please make sure to stick with a buddy and please click on the route pre-run to decide what option you would like to do. We run rain or shine, but will post on this site if at any time the runs are canceled due to serious inclement weather.

Routes for this week

You can tailor any of the routes to meet your running needs if you prefer to run less or more mileage.

All routes this week begin by taking a left out of Fuse and making the first left onto 21st to hit Q Street NW. Follow Q Street until it ends and make a left onto Wisconsin Avenue. Follow Wisconsin till it ends and make a left onto Water Street (at the Georgetown Waterfront). Follow Water Street to hit Rock Creek Trail and make a left onto Rock Creek Trail.

  • 3.5-mile option: Follow Rock Creek until it crosses P Street and make a left. Go up the steps and make a Right on P Street. Follow P Street to Dupont Circle and then take Connecticut back to Fuse.
  • 5-mile option: Follow Rock Creek until it hits the Calvert Hill. Go up the Calvert Hill and make a right. Make the first right onto Connecticut Ave and take back to Fuse.
  • 7 mile option: Follow Rock Creek until it meets the zoo. Take a left into the zoo onto Olmstead Walk. Follow Olmstead through the zoo until it ends. Take a left onto Connecticut and take back to Fuse.

Fuse Pilates after the run
Following our runs Fuse offers several different Pilates classes (at cost). There's a 9:30am Runners Class, a 9:30am Chair Class, a 10am Reformer Level I, and/or a 10:45am Mat Class!!! So many choices!!!!

Fuse offers several first-timers class specials and 10% off all other classes and packages for DC Road Runners. So make sure and tell them you're from the running club! It's a great way to get a full well-rounded Saturday morning workout (run then Pilates!).

Check-out Coach Kristi's details on her experience with the mat class after last Saturday's run:

Fuse Class Kicked My Core

After the SMR last week, a group of us signed up for the mat pilates class with Mariska. I knew after my marathon this fall that I needed to work on my core -- my back hurt, my hips hurt. Mariska's mat class was just what I needed. Mariska guided us through a series of exercises to build strength and improve stability through our abs, back, shoulders, and hips. She was very attentive and paid special attention to my form, ensuring I didn't get injured. I found the hip exercises very helpful and even did the set on my own at the gym this week. I will warn you -- the class will leave your abs sore for a day, but that just means it was a good workout :)


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