SLR - 12 Miles - Pentagon Army-Navy

Hey everyone!

If you weren't here last week, my name is Anna and I'm super excited to be taking over SLR from Megan (don't worry, she'll still be around for long runs and club events). I've got a lot of ideas for SLR, but most of those changes will trickle in slowly over time (with some buy in and approval from everyone). The first one that's most immediate is switching most of our rotes from Milermeter to Strava, which we've already started doing for MCR and some of our other club runs. For now I'll still list both, but look forward to that in the future and give your opinions on it! Always feel free to email me with any suggestions at

Now for the nitty-gritty:

The Route: This week we'll be doing Pentagon Army Navy (strava, milermeter, pdf, gps) a 12 mile route that circumnavigates the Pentagon and National Landing via Army Navy Drive before heading back up the Four Mile Run and Mount Vernon Trails. There's a slight change in the route from how it's been run in the past. Instead of running across Glebe Rd., run down to South Meade Street and cross at the light. Glebe has become a faster and more well-travelled road in recent years, and it's not safe to cross without a traffic light (which is always a good rule of thumb anyway).
Want Something Shorter? For a little over 11, come back through the cemetery instead of going all the way up to Rosslyn. If you want to cut off more, coming back by going up South Eads Street off the four mile run and retracing your steps on the 27 Trail will get you about 10.5 miles!
Need a Longer Route? To add another mile, take a trek over a bridge into DC and back over one of the further ones (they'll all run you about the same distance). For even more, add a lap around Hains.
Thirsty? We don't have anyone currently slated for post-run drinks (please reach out to me if you're interested. We're always in need of volunteers and those become even more important in the summer!). There is, however, a water fountain on the Mount Vernon trail just past the metro bridge a little before mile 7. The Rosslyn Compass has also extended their $10 off Spring Drinks deal to May 14th with the code RSLYNSPRING!
Need a bathroom? There are portopotties at Gravelly Point at mile 8 and last I saw there was one on Army Navy Drive around the 4 mile mark.

The next club race is the Women's Distance Festival and Run After the Women 5K on Sunday June 4th! It's also a great time to start reading the "For the Glory: The Untold and Inspiring Story of Eric Liddell, Hero of Chariots of Fire" by Duncan Hamilton for the next book club on June 25th!

Let me know if you liked this e-mail format, think it's too wordy, or have any route recommendations or ways to make SLR better!

Happy Running!


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