VIRTUAL - SLR March 13 - 20 Miles

Hi Runners!

This weekend’s run is the 20 mile Marine Corp Marathon Mock Route. The cue sheet and gps file are here.

The Fort Hunt 10K is on Sunday March 14th. The race is only to current club members and will be designed with COVID-19 precautions in mind (limited amenities, masks, wave start, etc.). Volunteers are still needed to make the race a success!! If you are new to the club and attending I would love to meet you in person! I am volunteering for directing traffic and parking, so please stop by and introduce yourself!


Anna Staats suggested a new challenge (thanks Anna)! This challenge is a relay of sorts. If you are interested in participating please fill out this Google Form by March 13! So how does the challenge work?

(1) Sign up in the Google form by March 13

(2) We will organize teams of about 5 people by weekly mileage to attempt to create balanced teams

(3) Each group posts in Facebook daily with additions to mileage (e.g., imagine Anna and I are on a team. Anna ran 7 miles on Monday and posted in Facebook to start the relay race. I ran 5 miles later on Monday and comment on Anna's post saying "I ran 5, the total is 13!" and then the next person would comment and so on.)

(4) First team to make it the required distance wins!

Teams will be racing from DC to Pittsburgh along the Great Allegheny Passage which is 333 miles! THe first team to 333 miles wins!

Happy Running!


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