SLR - February BINGO!

Hi Runners!

Bingo is back by popular demand! We had six people complete bingo in December and I hope more can this month! It is the shortest month of the year and the prize is bragging rights so get to it!

1) Download a copy of the bingo card ( File > Download > Microsoft Excel

2) Each time you are out running see if you can cross out a bingo square or two or three! "Cross out" your bingo square by putting the date you completed the square.

3) Complete 4 out of 5 rows horizontally or 4 out of 5 rows vertically and get BINGO!

4) Email me your completed bingo card at and post to the Facebook group!

We can also use Facebook as a platform for asking for tips on where to find specific items, sending pictures and spreading cheer, and posting completed bingo cards for inspiration!

Please email me if you would like me to send you the excel version of the bingo card directly!

Best of luck!


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