SLR New Features

Saturday Runners,

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly update, I want to point out a few nice new features on our website that are now available, and will hopefully be useful to you. If you've checked out the SLR Homepage recently, you may have noticed a few subtle changes...

In addition to our legacy route descriptions, and the refreshed MilerMeter maps that accompany each one, the upcoming schedule now includes downloads for pdf formatted printer-friendly cue sheets, as well as GPS track files in gpx format that you can sync to your watch! These pdf cue sheets are what you get every week when I pass out directions before the run (which I will still continue to do, so no need to bring your own), and the new gpx files can be used (if your GPS watch supports it) to give you mapping and directions right from your wrist! The links above in this paragraph are to examples of each resource for this week's route, Glover - Soapstone - Rock Creek.

Have you been wanting to re-run a previous route from SLR a few months ago, but can't remember exactly where it went? We also now have a full Route Catalog posted, which lists all of the runs that are in rotation for Saturday mornings, with all of this new info for each one!

If you have a Garmin, the easiest way to send one of our routes to your watch is to plug it into your computer via USB, and then manually copy the gpx file to the \Garmin\Newfiles folder after your watch is recognized as a mass storage device. After that, when you're on the "ready to run" screen (just before you'd normally press start), open the menu and select "Navigation", then "Courses", and pick the route that you'd like to use. If your device is non-Garmin, you're on your own to figure it out :) but if you send me similar instructions, I'll post them for everyone's reference.

Happy navigationally-assisted running!


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