SLR Updates

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well :)

I just wanted to touch base about a few things:

1) It seems as though a number of people fell on last week's SLR course. We will be more mindful about telling people to be extra careful on the trail-running portions of our routes.

2) For those of you that DID fall, it was not necessarily in vain :) You can be considered for a SLR Hardcore Award:

So, if you fell last week (or anytime recently--I know there are other "fallers" out there :))--
please email me a detailed description of your fall, what you hurt, include pictures...etc...and we will consider you for a Hardcore Award!

3) Many thanks to Jessie Sacket for providing last week's mid-point water stop and to Kristin Dahling for providing post-run refreshments for the month of July!
Please be sure to thank Jessie and Kristin when you see them!

4) The cue sheet for tomorrow's run is here:

Please study it, print it out, etc....

5) Andrew Kent will be providing the mid-point water stop tomorrow....thank you, Andrew!

6) Emily Leary will be providing post-run refreshments for most of the month of August (Aaron Cheskis will cover Aug 12)...thank you Emily and Aaron!

7) I will be at SLR tomorrow but then I take off for a 2+week cross country adventure. Don't worry, SLR will go on :)
I've got lots of great folks sub-leading SLR while I am gone and all of our water needs are covered!
If any major issues arise while I am out of town, please contact our president, Ed Grant, or my fellow vice-president, Joe Racine.

That's all!

See you tomorrow,
 DCRRlogotypeRRCA member

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