July 1 SLR Notes

The July 1 SLR should forever be known as the "Flood Run"! With lots (and lots...and lots) of rain falling during the week leading up to SLR, I got many messages from SLR-goers concerned that our planned route (along the Glover Archbold and Rock Creek trails) would be flooded (or at the very least, very muddy).
With the help of many SLR-goers, we determined that we "thought" the Rock Creek trail was passable and switched the route to the Ross Drive route. And we were right!! I didn't get to see the entire route (b/c I did the mid-point water stop with help from Rob Morton, Dara Schulman, and Amy Susskind!)...but the part I did see was pretty amazing. There sure was a lot of water in Rock Creek. And lots of sand on the trail. Pretty amazing what water can do!
All in all, it seems that everyone had good runs (or at least no one told me if they didn't!!).
Many thanks to Kristin Dahling for the post-run beverages!

I will not be at the July 8 SLR because I will be doing a triathlon. Heather Schloss and David Kapson will be leading in my absense. The route is the Fort Scott Hill Climb. Adam Stolzberg will be providing the mid-point beverages and Kristin Dahling the post-run beverages.

Have a great run :)
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