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Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow morning will again be cooler than our daytime temps, but morning temps still will be in the low 70s with high humidity (82%) and a little wind – perhaps just a touch warm for those of us who have yet to acclimate to this crazy thing called "Summer." Given the humidity, make sure you bring a big bottle of water and hydrate often during this workout with these long intervals.

June 2, 2022 – Distance Ladders – 500m/1000m/1600m, all in 10k Pace, then down at 5k Pace, 1200m/800m/400M, all with 400m easy jogs except 300m easy jog after the first 500m

There are a lot of intervals to run (six), and a lot of jogs in between, so you do NOT want to go out fast, as the benefit to this sort of workout is increasing your speed, cadence and pushing past your lactate threshold on the back end of the workout. At these medium to long distances, correct speed form is the key. 8 to 12 degree lean, lifting knees higher, core still, no crossover with your arms, and do not clench your fists. Make sure you are up on your toes, and increase speed by increasing cadence, which counter-intuitively may involve shortening your stride.

And now the Admiral Paul Report!

Paul is the race director for this Sunday's Women's Distance Festival and Run After the Women 5ks. He still needs volunteers. As he emailed us: "This Sunday is the first Bunion Derby race, the WDF and RATW 5ks. I am the race director and need volunteers to help. If you're not running and therefore available Sunday morning, please sign up on the club website and help me out! Many Thanks, Paul." We always appreciate those of you who help us out by volunteering!!!

Happy running!

Coach Big Guy is back from BottleRock and hopes to be out doing the workout at YHS tomorrow (very slowly! ;-) ), but Coach Rich is still trekking across England!


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