8 to 10 x 500m in 5k, 300m jogs

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

We will be at the Yorktown track tomorrow, in Greenbriar Park around the corner from the school entrance, so meet us for warm up around 5:40 AM for a 6 AM sharp start. Tomorrow's weather will be warmer, with temps in the mid 60s, lower humidity at 64%, but with gusty winds, so a mixed bag. Despite the reasonable conditions, you should still bring water for hydration after every other interval after you finish the 300m jog rest interval. Both Coach Big Guy and Coach Rich and the rest of the Thursday Morning Breakfast Crew not headed to Boston this weekend want to give our Boston-Bound Crew-mates a big congratulations and good luck – knock 'em dead!

April 14, 2022 - 8 to 10 x 500m in 5k pace - with 300m jog recovery in between

• Stallions: 5:45 to 6:15 Pace, 10 Intervals
• Wolf Pack: 6:15 to 6:45 Pace, 9 – 10 Intervals
• Gazelles: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace, 8 – 9 Intervals
• Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:00 Pace, 8 Intervals

This is another speed workout guaranteed to build both strength and stamina for your spring races! If you are Boston-Bound, you do not want to be doing more than four of these intervals, and then perhaps closer to 10k pace. For the rest of us, these are tougher than they look, so try to finish strong - push that last 100, and make sure you focus on form, so you run efficiently, effectively, and injury-free. Biggest area of improvement needed for most is to lift your knees higher, while dropping your arm swings to your waist. I would ease into these by running the first couple in 8k or 10k pace, but also feel free to crush the last couple in 3k pace if you are still feeling frisky.

In club news from Coach Rich ...

Hello track fans. Wonderful warm weather has arrived. First off, please hold off on complaining about the heat for a month or two (Big Guy) [Coach Big Guy Response – I can't help it, like the Wicked Witch of the West "I'm Melting!" ;-) ]. It feels great. Enjoy it! Just a couple of race results to report this week.

At the Kensington Parkrun 5K Liz Ozeki was 2nd OA and 1st OAF in a time of 19:39. This 5k was Liz's first time under 20 minutes since the arrival of baby Ace. Way to go girl!

At the PVTC Easter 5K Paul Ryan turned in a fine time of 22:48. This race featured progression miles as Paul ran each mile faster than the one before. Paul was 1st 70+ runner (of course). Well done, Paul!

The club is still looking for more volunteers for the DCRRC water stop at the Parkway Classic. Many thanks as several of you signed up after last week's announcement and of course a few others were already signed up. More help appreciated. The date is April 24 and here is the link to register: https://www.dcroadrunners.org/volunteer/parkway

Happy running!


Coach Big Guy and Coach Rich will be at Yorktown High School track in the AM!

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