10 to 12 x 500m in 5k Pace, with 300m jogs

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow morning's weather will be absolutely glorious! Low 50s, fairly high humidity, but just a sweet breeze. These are the few weeks we pray for twice a year! Still make sure you bring some fluids though – hydration is key year-round.

September 30, 2021 - 10 to 12 x 500m in 5k pace - with 300m jog recovery in between

• Stallions: 5:45 to 6:15 Pace, 12 Intervals
• Wolf Pack: 6:15 to 6:45 Pace, 11 – 12 Intervals
• Gazelles: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace, 10 – 11 Intervals
• Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:00 Pace, 10 Intervals

This is another speed workout guaranteed to build both strength and stamina for your fall races! If you are Boston-Bound these will convince you that you are ready and the Hay is in the Barn! These are tougher than they look, so try to finish strong - push that last 100, and make sure you focus on form, so you run efficiently, effectively, and injury-free. I would ease into these by running the first couple in 8k or 10k pace, but also feel free to crush the last couple in 3k pace if you are still feeling frisky.

In club news from Coach Rich ...

Greetings Thursday morning faithful. Fall Marathon is officially underway as we had 2 crew members at last weekend's Berlin Marathon. That said, total bummer about MCM but all the other Fall races seem to be a go. At the races this past weekend ...

Melinda Metz was the 2nd OAF at the National Capital 20M. A solid time of 2:43:06 was perfect training for her upcoming trifecta of marathons; Boston, NY and San Antonio. Congrats Melinda!

Anne Coia joined many other club members in remembering Janet Braunstein at the 1st annual Janet Braunstein Memorial 5M. Anne finished in 51:50. Well done Anne!

At the Berlin marathon Rodrigo Vellon ran to a 2 minute PR with a sizzling time of 2:43:56. Enhorabuena Rodrigo por un gran carrera! Christie Wetzel was going for a PR as well but it wasn't meant to be on this day. Still Christie turned in a fine time of 3:02:59. Way to hang tough Christie. We are proud of you both!!!

Eunja Rau ran a marathon in her 17th different state turning a time of 4:35:26 at the Clarence DeMar Marathon in New Hampshire. Way to go Eunja! Worth noting is knowing the story of Clarence DeMar. ...

Clarence DeMar was born into an impoverished childhood. He overcame health troubles, hardship, and World War I to become a seven-time B.A.A. Boston Marathon champion, an Olympic medalist, and an international running icon. No one has ever broken his record number of Boston wins.

We will be holding a Thursday Morning Invitational Mile at 6:45am after our regular workout next Thursday October 7. If you would like to participate in the race, send an email to me: rich@dcroadrunners.org. Please include your full name and age. You must send this information no later than Sunday October 3 so we can make sure and have enough timers for the event.

We need a timer for every runner in the race. A couple of you have already volunteered so thank you again. If you can help with this you just need to be there with your cell phone or timer on your watch. If you can help, please send me an email if you can help with this. Thank you very much.

GRC is offering a special discount this weekend for all DCRRC members (not just trainees). On October 2nd-3rd, GRC will offer a full 20% off discount to all members on full-price merchandise, excluding electronics (no Garmin etc.). Check your email from the club. You received a code to use at the store. You only received this if your membership is up-to-date. If you did not get the message and are participating in our activities, please renew your membership now. Thank you.

See you tomorrow and happy running!

Coach Big Guy and Coach Rich will be there in the AM!


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