TMBC: 12-20 x 400, 10K pace, 100 rest

Hi Everyone. This week the Big Guy is wine tasting his way through Napa Valley. That sounds good to me but alas I will look forward to meeting you guys tomorrow morning. The weather looks great compared to what we had last night and what is coming this afternoon with the temperature around 63'. We will have a bit of wind at 13mph or so but again great compared to the swelter that has dominated most of this summer. Regardless of weather, stay hydrated and bring your favorite beverage along to rehydrate.

Another strength workout again this week but this time 400s. Anywhere between 12 and 20 of them depending on where you are in your training. The pace is your current 10K pace and the rest is 100m. Same goal as last week in keeping your HR elevated for the entire session. Stop for a drink after each set of 4 but keep the rest intervals moving consistently.

I hope all of you that attended the picnic and XC race had a good time. How can you go wrong with District Taco as your reward! Unfortunately, the results from the race are not posted yet and I have no other results to report.

The next Bunion Derby is the Women's Distance Festival and the Run After the Women 5K's on Saturday September 18. This is the last Bunion Derby Race of the summer. If you had not heard, the Bastille Day 4M is now officially canceled. After this race the National Capital 20M and the Janet Braunstein Memorial 5M races are on Sunday September 26. You can sign up to run and or volunteer at both on the club website:

I will see you all out on the Yorktown HS track tomorrow morning for a 6:00am workout start. Please be warmed up and ready to go before then.

Happy running!


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