10 to 12 x 500m in 5k pace, 300m jogs

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

For those of you not racing tonight at the Club's Bastille Day race, tomorrow morning the temps will be warm, in the low 70s, with very high humidity at 95%. That means Temps plus Dew Point will be in the 140s, which is just below Dangerous, so you really need to monitor your heart rate and your overall reaction to the heat, and if you are feeling woozy, dizzy, or nausea, just STOP! Clearly this is one of those days to bring LOTS of water and leave our bottles over where the 500m runs end so we can get a sip at least every two intervals, if not after every interval. This week's suggested times are ONLY if you are in good shape – if you are building up, just start slower and ease into this workout – and keep an eye on your vitals – and those of the other runners in your pod! Also feel free to cut the number of intervals down – in this heat, 8 to 10 require almost as much effort as 10 – 12 in better conditions.

July 15, 2021 - 10 to 12 x 500m in 5k pace - with 300m jog recovery in between

· Stallions: 5:45 to 6:15 Pace, 12 Intervals

· Wolf Pack: 6:15 to 6:45 Pace, 11 – 12 Intervals

· Gazelles: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace, 10 – 11 Intervals

· Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:00 Pace, 10 Intervals

This is another speed workout guaranteed to build both strength and stamina for your summer races – and let's hope we get some! These are tougher than they look, so try to finish strong - push that last 100, and make sure you focus on form, so you run efficiently, effectively, and injury-free. I would ease into these by running the first couple in 8k or 10k pace, but also feel free to crush the last couple in 3k pace if you are still feeling frisky despite the heat.

In club news from Coach Rich ...

Hi Everyone. In the news this week is old school mile racing on the track. Three of our Thursday morning faithful took on this challenge. Quite apropos with the Olympics starting in 10 days.

At the Montgomery County Roadrunners Midsummer Night's Mile Lis Ozeki turned in a fine 6:02 mile. Just guessing she was the fastest 4 month pregnant runner. Well done Liz - You remain amazing!

At the PVTC Track Meet in Vienna, David Meeks turned in a nice time of 5:51 which was good for an AG (55-59) best. Paul Ryan ran in the same race and posted a nice time of 6:20 Also good for an AG win (70-74) and the fastest time posted in his AG in the United States for 2021! Neither David nor Paul were fully satisfied with their races, so they have motivation for next time. That said, we are all impressed gentlemen - Congratulations!

The next Bunion Derby race is tonight's Bastille Day 4M tonight July 14 and then the Bluemont 5K is next Wednesday the 21st. The entire schedule of races is on the club website at dcroadrunners.org. All the series races are free to club members, but we do need volunteers for all the races as well. You can sign up to run or volunteer at the above link.

See you all tomorrow morning.

Happy running!


Coach Big Guy has will be at Yorktown in the Morning, with a visit from Coach Rich who is on the DL but still coaching!

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