No Formal Practice - 8 to 10 x 500m in 5k Pace, 300m jog

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow is one of those days we wait for – a crisp Fall day between the Mid-40s and upper 60s, with little wind and more humidity than yesterday or today, but by mid-day that too will dissipate. Enjoy this while we can!

A few of us will be at Yorktown tomorrow morning at 7 AM, but others might want to plan to be there either before or after – or at W&L or Falls Church HS - for now, let's keep the groups small, familiar, staggered in start times, and disorganized! ;-) The workout is as follows:

November 5, 2020 - 6 to 8 x 500m in 5k pace - with 300m jog recovery in between

• Stallions: 5:45 to 6:15 Pace, 10 Intervals
• Wolf Pack: 6:15 to 6:45 Pace, 9 – 10 Intervals
• Gazelles: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace, 8 – 9 Intervals
• Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:00 Pace, 8 Intervals

This is another speed workout guaranteed to build both strength and stamina for your winter races – and let's hope we get some! These are tougher than they look, so try to finish strong - push that last 100, and make sure you focus on form so you run efficiently, effectively, and injury-free. I would ease into these by running the first couple in 8k or 10k pace, but also feel free to crush the last couple in 3k pace if you are still feeling frisky. If you are recovering (i.e., within 30 days) of a Virtual Marathon/20 Miler/Half Marathon, I want you to drop back to 10k Pace or slower, depending on where you are in recovery.

In club news from Coach Rich ...

Greetings fellow Thursday morning faithful. Still no results for the National Capital races. Several of us participated but I will put off reporting again till we have results. That said, a few really nice results to report.

Our Ironwoman Tatyana Steis finished a marathon in her 16th state, Ohio, on Sunday in the Northern Ohio Marathon somewhat east of Cleveland. With temps in the low 40s, rain and wind gusting to 45mph along Lake Erie, Tatyana ran a strong 3:17:41. She also reported pea-sized hail for several of the last 6M. She said it was her toughest marathon ever but of course we are not surprised that she was 1st OAF Master. Amazing Tatyana. Congrats again.

Let's also hear big congrats for Mikala Whitaker who ran the Virtual NYC Marathon in 4:17:05. She also ran in cold, wet and windy conditions here in DC. Mikala successfully raised money for Rising NY Road Runners. She reported lackluster training leading up to this but how tough is she going out in those conditions on Sunday and running a marathon. Way to go Mikala!

In the old man's division Paul Ryan ran a Virtual USATF Masters 5K this morning on the track at YHS. Still chasing his sub-22 time he asked for my pacing support and he nailed it with a solid 21:54. We ran pretty perfectly even 7-minute pace and a bit faster for those last 200. Pulling Paul along from the front I ran my fastest again since 2016 with a 21:49. Congrats again to Paul and hopefully he wins his division of the race. BTW, Paul turns 70 in December while I will turn 62 in March. Runners forever ...

Happy running

Coach Big Guy has will be at Yorktown in the Morning, but Coach Rich will be taking it easy after that SMOKIN 5k time he ran with the Admiral!

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