No "Offical" TMBC - on the Track on Your Own: Sprint Medley Ladders

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow will again be simply glorious, just like last week, and with Temps from the mid-50s to the mid 70s, with little humidity (75% down to 45%). As I observed last week, "we wait all summer for days such as this, so enjoy it while you can!" Again, tracks are open, but no "organized" activities may take place. A few of us will be at Yorktown at 7 AM tomorrow, and last week we had some TMBC members before and after the 7 AM workout, so I expect we might see some of you tomorrow at Yorktown, while others will head to W&L or even Falls Church HS for track work.

October 15, 2020 – NO OFFICIAL TMBC – BUT ON THE TRACK ON YOUR OWN: Sprint Medley Ladders – 200m/400m/600m/800m/1200m all in 10k Pace, then down at 5k Pace 800m/600m/400m/200m, all with 400m easy jogs except 200m easy jogs after the first 200m and between the last 400 and the final 200m

There are a lot of intervals to run (nine), and a lot of jogs in between, so if you want to shorten the workout, just skip the 1200m. You do NOT want to go out fast, as the benefit to this sort of workout is increasing your speed, cadence and pushing past your lactate threshold on the back end of the workout. At thsese short to medium distances, correct sprint for is the key. 8 to 12 degree lean, lifting knees higher, core still, no crossover with your arms, and do not clench your fists. Make sure you are up on your toes, and increase speed by increasing cadence, which counter-intiuitively may involve shortening your stride.

And now the Coach Big Guy Report!

A little extra this week from the Big Guy. Some of you know that Keith (aka "Iron Man"), Jill and the Big Guy committed to a "Covid Pod" at the start of this unpleasantness and have been running about four times a week as a group, while minimizing our contacts with others. Each Saturday we run what – for us – is a long run (usually 10 to 12 miles), as none of us planned any virtual race longer than a virtual 10k or 10 mile this Fall, but Jill entered some silly contest about a month ago, and wouldn't you know it, she won a free entry to the "Virtual MCM Marathon" (Be careful what you wish for or enter!). Keith and I reluctantly ( ;-) ) committed to helping her out, and for the last few Saturdays we upped our mileage to between 14 and 16 miles. This last Saturday October 10th was supposed to be Jill's 20 miler, then a three week taper, and we were running 3.25 mile loops of Hains Point to make the 20 (in shifts), but the weather was so nice Keith – who was only running 10, asked Jill "Why don't you just go for it and run the full marathon today and get it out of the way?" Famous Last Words! So, Jill chewed on it for a lap, and decided to go for it. I managed to take her through all but the last two laps, when out of the blue DCRRC President Ben Richter ran by and volunteered to take Jill for a lap so I could stretch my cramping legs. Ben delivered her after a quick lap, and I then pushed her through the final 2 miles – a real group TMBC effort helping a teammate run what Jill called the "most fun marathon [she] ever ran" in 4:50, with no walking (although water stops each lap), and an eight minute negative split on the second half. We called it the "Accidental Marathon! ;-) Way to go Jill!!!

And now the Coach Rich Club Report!

Greetings Thursday morning faithful! Reminder again that registration is now open for our DCRRC National Capital 20 and 5M has gone virtual and added options for HM and 10 miles. The races can take place between October 16-31. It is free but if you want a DCRRC Buff and want to be eligible for awards, there is a $10 fee. I encourage all to participate in some way. Here is the link with all race info and to register:

Happy running!

Coach Big Guy will be out doing the workout at YHS tomorrow, but Coach Rich is switching to a new training regimen so will miss this week's workout!

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