No TMBC - 2 x 20:00 in Tempo Pace 3:00 rest

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow will be simply glorious, with Temps from the mid-50s to 70, with very little humidity (75% down to 35%). We wait all summer for days such as this, so enjoy it while you can! Again, tracks are open, but no "organized" activities may take place. A few of us will be at Yorktown at 7, and last week we had some TMBC members before and after the 7 AM workout, so I expect we might see some of you tomorrow at Yorktown, while others will head to W&L or even Falls Church HS for track work. Even though we are not together physically, we are all remain together in our hearts!

October 8, 2020 – NO OFFICIAL TMBC – BUT ON THE TRACK ON YOUR OWN: 2 x 20:00 runs in Tempo Pace (or faster), with walk back to start, water and 3:00 recovery

I always have trouble describing Tempo Pace, although you can go to the Macmillan Running Calculator, add some data, and calculate what your pace should be, but here it is from the Macmillan Horse's mouth:

"Tempo Run

The Tempo Run is a medium effort run that improves your lactate threshold – the point where lactic acid begins to build up. Tempo Runs usually last 10-40 minutes and breathing is fast but under control. Training partners can usually speak in short sentences during a Tempo Run. Running too fast is a common error so remember to keep a Tempo Run at a medium effort and never lose your breath.

Tempo Intervals

Tempo Intervals are simply broken up Tempo Runs. They usually last 5-20 minutes and include short recovery intervals between. Effort may start at medium on the first few repeats and build to medium-hard by the last few repeats."

For Keith an I, we've been running our 10k pace around eight and 5k in the low sevens, and I've calculated our Tempo at a bit over 9-minute pace – so if you add a minute to your 10k pace you won't be too far off. The key here is to push a little harder on the second interval so your distance (and thus pace) is about a half lap to a full lap better on the second interval. You can do that if you focus on your form on the second one, lifting your knees and making sure you do not overstride but rather pick up on your cadence – say 4 to 8 more strides per minute.

And now the Coach Rich Club Report!

Greetings Thursday morning faithful. The big news this week is from Will Henandez. He's a dad! Congrats to Will and wife Katelyn on the birth of Mateo Phillip. He came on 9/25 at 7 lbs and 19.25". I have now officially lost track of the number of babies born to active TMBC members.

Only result this week comes from me. As most of you have seen, I have been chasing getting back under 22 minutes for 5K. After watching Sarah Hall chase down 2nd place in London on Sunday my motivation was high and my training had gone well. With perfect conditions yesterday (44' and no wind) I went out to the YHS track and got it done. A solo 21:51 (7:12, 7:02, 6:51, 45). My fastest 5K since 2016 when all my medical issues started. At 61 years old it is a reminder again to all, never give up! Next up a bunch more training and an assault on sub 21 for 5K and some 10M TTs.

Speaking of TTs and virtual races, registration is now open for our DCRRC National Capital 20 and 5M has gone virtual and added options for HM and 10 miles. The races can take place between October 16-31. It is free but if you want a DCRRC Buff and want to be eligible for awards, there is a $10 fee. I encourage all to participate in some way. Here is the link with all race info and to register:

Happy running!

Coach Big Guy will be out doing the workout at YHS tomorrow, but Coach Rich will probably take some well-deserved rest after that super 5k this week!

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