No TMBC, But Track Work 6 x 800m w/400m jog in 5k Pace

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

For those in good health, tomorrow will be a cooler but humid and potentially rainy June day - between the high sixties and upper seventies, and since it will be like that all day, workout whenever it fits your schedule. Again, we are still following Head Coach Ed great email last week. Tracks are open, but no "organized" activities may take place. Three of us will be at Yorktown at 7, and last week we had one TMBC run earlier than our 7 AM start, and one came as we were leaving at 8, so I expect we might see some of you tomorrow at Yorktown, while others will head to W&L or even Falls Church for track work. If you completed last weeks 400s, feel free to try this week's 800s, otherwise I'd run the 10 x 400m in 10k pace, with 100m jogs workout from last week.

June 18, 2020 – NO TMBC – BUT BACK ON THE TRACK ON YOUR OWN: 6 x 800m in 5k Pace, with 400m jog

As Ed says: "Do not try this one (unless you are confident of a high level of fitness) until you have completed Workout 1 [the 400m workout referenced above and in last week's email]. Try the first 800M at a slower pace, and aim to work down the repeats to faster pace as you progress. Again, if you find yourself slowing down appreciably, stop the workout, try again in a few days." This workout is tough enough for anyone, so don't add to it, and as Ed cautions, if you are not feeing it, so down or stop. As always, if you are a 5k pace your form really matters – get up on your toes, lift your knees a bit more, and make sure your arms are involved in lifting rather than crossing over and causing you to break stride.

And now the Coach Rich News!

Greetings, Thursday morning faithful! We sure have had some great running weather this week. Hope you all have enjoyed it and said goodbye for a while. The #dcrrc5Kchallenge ends tonight. Still time to get out and join in and for those of you that already did it don't forget to submit your results. I will provide a full report next week. For now just have a look at some great photos and results from the event:

Next month is the virtual version of the 1 Mile Track Championships #dcrrc1milechallenge. Four laps and 29 feet around your favorite track. Time to get in a little speed work before it starts.

Happy running!

Coach Big Guy and Coach Rich will be out doing the workout (or a variation) somewhere tomorrow


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