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Fellow Endorphin Junkies -

I missed the Coach Rich news email so I am adding it here:

Our first virtual race, #dcrrc1milechallenge, is in the books. Most everyone ran great times but of course measurements and times are less then perfect when not on a certified course of some sort. That said a couple of folks took this serious and got to run on a track. Special shout out to Ze who had been chasing a sub 5 minute mile for a good part of his life. He got it this time with a sizzling 4:57 on the Falls Church High School track. Once again, huge congrats Ze! Also, running on the track and garnering a PR was Mark Bourgeois. Way to go Mark. Here is the Thursday faithful rundown. Congrats to all.

  • 4:55 - Rodrigo Vellon, 3rd 30-39
  • 4:57 - Ze Dagher, 2nd 40-49, PR
  • 5:15 - Alex Cooke, 1st 20-29
  • 5:16 - Kyle Edgerton
  • 5:33 - Liz Ozeki, 1st 30-39
  • 5:43 - Lillian Chreky, 2nd 20-29
  • 6:01 - Nate Rathjen, 2nd 20-29
  • 6:11 - Will Hernandez
  • 6:16 - Mark Bourgeois, 1st 50-59 PR
  • 6:28 - Hope Seck
  • 6:30 - Paul Ryan, 2nd 60-69
  • 6:35 - Mikala Whitaker
  • 6:50 - Rich Mendelowitz, 3rd 60-69
  • 6:58 - Stephen Easley
  • 7:25 - Andrew Mulrean
  • 7:29 - Jill Brasky
  • 7:49 - Keith Campbell
  • 9:29 - Katie Mulrean

#dcrrc5Kchallenge will run from June 15-21 and then the return of the next #dcrrc1milechallenge from July 13-19. Hope to have many more of you participating in those. You'll see announcements with details on these on the club website on June 1 and then July 1.

Happy running!



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