No TMBC - 10 to 16 x 2:00 in 10k Pace on your own

Fellow Endorphin Junkies -

The conflicting information on opening up the Shelter-in-Place orders is so confusing that even TMBC's brilliant Dr. Kelly O might not be able to decipher it. All I know is that I am sticking with "better safe than sorry," only going out for runs and my once a week "Senior Hours" at Harris Teeter. I would urge you to use your best judgment on how to proceed. As to exercise in the time of a Pandemic, which all medical professionals seem to favor, I still reiterate - unless you feel 100% - DO NOT GO OUT the door, don't run, don't risk infecting others, or getting infected yourself in a time of weakness and pandemic. Do stretching and weights at home until you are in top shape.

For those in good health, tomorrow will be a great day to run – showers end overnight, and then cool and sunny mid-40s to 60 in the afternoon with little wind! The Arlington County tracks are closed (both W&L and the Yorktown), so any workouts will either need to be done on the Custis/WO&D/Bluemont or other trails, or this one can be done almost anywhere – and perhaps with all the traffic on the trails, your neighborhood streets would be safer – at least corona virus-wise. Tomorrow's workout is a variation on the 400m workout we do so often, just using time rather than distance, since you may be on roads or a trail that is not marked well.

May 7, 2020 – NO TMBC – ON YOUR OWN: 10 to 16 x 2:00 minutes ON in 10k Pace, w/1:00 minute OFF slow jogs in between the 2m Intervals.

In this workout, the 2:00 is supposed to substitute for the 400, and the 1:00 jog for the 100m jog, but only Keith, Jill and I run that slowly for 400m at 10k pace, so for some of you this will be almost 1/3 of a mile (closer to 500 meters or more), so it is challenging. As you all will remember, a perfect workout for this regular fixture would be a set where each 400 is slightly faster, while maintaining the same pace on the 100s. Since we are doing this by time, and since we get more rest at a minute than we would have had at 100m on the track, try to focus on going just a little bit farther each 2:00 interval while maintaining the same distance on that 1:00 jog in between. You can do it! Remember to focus on your form, lifting your knees, getting up on your toes, eyes looking strait forward, while avoiding the dreaded arm crossover that rocks your core.

And now for the Coach Rich News!

Greetings once again fellow TMBCers. I hope all are well and faithfully running in week [I-have-lost-count] of the Coronavirus lockdown.

The Big TMBC news this week is that Mikala Whitakergot engaged to Jared Dix! She looks blissfully happy in the pictures I saw on FB, and of course, that is a great thing. Many congrats from all of us to Mikala!

There was a running of the Virtual Providence Marathon this past weekend. Both Hope Seck and Andrew Simpson participated and turned in times of 3:45ish. Many of you know Alex Barrage, and Alex also participated, running the entire way with a mask. So tough! Congrats to all!!!

Sorry to report not a lot of great news for real racing anytime soon. The Army Ten Miler just postponed and registration for this year's race which is supposed to be Oct 11. They will provide more info as the situation unfolds. As of now no permits from Arlington County will be granted through the end of August. I am sure NPS will be similar so this will obviously keep us from doing summer Bunion Derby races. We are working with RRCA to figure out how to have safe group runs and races again once things settle down much more and it is safer. There is lots of work to do there.

Look for instructions for the #dcrrcvirtual1milechallenge on the club website and FB page later this week. It will be held the week of May 18. My plan is to hold one of these again in July so you will be able to measure your progress.

Happy Running!

Coach Big Guy will be do the workout or a variation on the Bluemont/WO&D trails, and Coach Rich will continue his remarkable comeback


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