2 x Time Ladder: 4 ON/2 off/2 ON/2 off/1 ON/2 off/5 ON/2 off 10k Pace ON

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Most of us are still housebound due to Covid-19, but I've seen a few of you out running. While we have had some cool and gorgeous weather, tomorrow will be so wet that unless you are a seal or duck, I'd say run your speed work Friday. Please continue to socially distance – even when running - and look after your health.

Friday will offer periods of dry so you can run tomorrow's workout in better weather. Arlington County tracks are still closed, so any workouts will need to be done on the Custis/WO&D/Bluemont or other trails. There are mile markers on those, and on the C&O, and most of us have Garmins that give us mile laps, so use those.

April 30, 2020 – NO TMBC ON THE TRACK – RUN ON YOUR OWN: 2 x Timed Ladder: 4 minutes on/2 off/2 minutes on/2 off/1 Minute on/2 off/5 minutes on/2 off, then repeat ladder one time, all "ON" intervals in 10K Pace, OFF pace nice and easy jog

As long as we do not have the tracks for precise measurements, and each other to help us push ourselves, these Thursday workouts will not be as varied as what we enjoy on the track, but they still will be nice way to maintain good fitness during these challenging times when there are no races, and probably none for a few more months. I think that this Time Ladder workout, while a little more complex, adds some variability. Since the off are all two minutes, just remember the ON intervals – 4, 2, 1, 5. Again – while we are all in a build slowly mode till races open up, some speed workout – even if only at 10k pace – will help build strength and endurance. As always, when running interval, Tempo or Speed work, please focus on running with the appropriate form – knees a bit higher, up on your toes, and core still while not crossing over with your arms.

The Coach Rich News:

Greetings Thursday morning faithful. We may not have workouts together for a while but we aim to stir up the fun a bit in May and again in June. During the week of May 18 the DCRRC will be holding a Virtual 1 Mile Challenge. Gotta run 1 mile as fast as you can. Yours truly will be the virtual race director. In June we will feature a Virtual 5K Challenge. Details on both will follow on the club website and FB page early next week.

Just one result to report on this week and that brings a shout out to Kenneth Riley. Kenneth ran a fine Hal Marathon Time Trial in 1:39:50. This represents a PR for Kenneth so huge congrats. That said, having raced side-by-side with Kenneth back in January I feel he has much more in him so I look forward to seeing another PR at the HM before too long.

My running has resumed on a daily basis now so I too am enjoying the Happy Running I wish you all!

Neither Coach will be at Yorktown tomorrow, as Coach Big Guy will be doing the workout on the Bluemont/WO&D Trails on Friday, and Coach Rich will decide whether he is a duck or wants to run Friday. We will both see you all on the other side once the CDC gives the "All Safe" to resume.


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