No TMBC - 6 x 4:00 in 5k Pace on your own

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am paying close attention to those showing actual leadership in this time of crisis, and will remember it – especially at election time. Please take look after your health and unless you feel 100% - DO NOT GO OUT the door, don't run, don't risk infecting others, or getting infected yourself.

For those in good health, tomorrow will be a cool March day – in April though – brisk between the low forties and upper 50s, with wind gusts starting at about 10 MPH, but increasing as the day goes on – so I'm going to run in the AM. The tracks are still closed, and any workouts will usually need to be done on the Custis/WO&D/Bluemont or other trails, but this one like last week can be done almost anywhere – and perhaps with all the traffic on the trails, your neighborhood streets would be safer – at least coronavirus-wise. While Coach Ed calls for 800m repeats, I am going to make it easier by translating the workout to time instead of distance.

April 16, 2020 – NO TMBC – ON YOUR OWN: 6 x 4:00 in 5k Pace, w/2:00 minute slow jogs in between.

In this workout, the 4:00 is supposed to substitute for the 800, and the 2:00 jog for the 400m jog, but only Keith, Jill and I run that slowly for 800m at 5k pace, so for some of you this will be almost 3/4ths of a mile (closer to 1100 meters or more), so it is challenging – as in you are essentially running a 5k race. Since we want to make this different than your regular workouts, be sure to focus on your form, getting up on your toes, lifting your knees an extra couple of inches, and avoiding the dreaded arm cross-over that rocks your core.

And now the Coach Rich News!

Greetings everyone. A few fun running adventures to report on this week...

Kenneth and Emily Riley were clearly taken by the whole Quarantine Backyard Ultra exploits of Liz and Mike Wardian so they decided to put on their own version just for them this past weekend. Reminder that is 4.197M loops starting every hour. Kenneth cranked out 10 loops for 42 miles and Emily 7 loops for 29.4M. It was Emily's first ultra event ever. Very impressive by both of them and huge congrats.

Of course where there is such dedicated hard work there is always some humor. By far the best comment came from Emily, "Highest single day mileage yet (29.4), ... there's a Hot Pocket calling my name, so I'm out." Gotta love that

Paul Ryan has worked his way back from some health challenges and turned in a fine virtual 5K time trial on the Bluemont course with a 23:26. He is of course looking forward to real racing again but reminder to all, it is not likely to happen for many months yet so don't overdo the training, just stay fit and healthy.

The only other news of note is that I was spotted in public with a beard. What can I say, I am retired and since still not running, I am not worried much about the extra wind resistance.

Happy running everyone.

Coach Big Guy will be doing the workout, or maybe a virtual 5k, over on the Bluemont/WO&D trails, and Coach Rich will be working up to actual running real soon.


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