No TMBC - 12 x 2:00 in 10k Pace on your own

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

It seems that in some countries that took measures before the Keystone Kops running ours did, that the pandemic is cresting and headed down for now, although they still need to take steps to prevent a reoccurrence. This gives me hope that if our governors and local leaders, who stepped into the void left at the federal level, continue with out help, we will be getting back out to the track just about the time the weather turns miserably hot – and we will all still celebrate it. In the meantime, please continue to socially distance and look after your health. Unless you feel 100% - DO NOT GO OUT the door, don't run, don't risk infecting others, or getting infected yourself in a time of weakness and pandemic.

For those in top health, tomorrow will be a challenging day – showers in the morning, and then over 60 in the afternoon with 25 mph wind gusts! This is one of those days that you have my permission to stay inside and do core or weight work, and try some speed work on Friday. Some of us – and in this case I mean me – will still go out and run in the rain – what the heck – how bad can it be (Famous Last Words), and we need a workout to do if we are going to head out. Since Arlington County has closed both the W&L and the Yorktown tracks, any workouts will usually need to be done on the Custis/WO&D/Bluemont or other trails, but this one can be done almost anywhere – and perhaps with all the traffic on the trails, your neighborhood streets would be safer – at least coronavirus-wise. I am going to switch up the workout as we have been doing a lot of long intervals at slower speed the last few weeks, and suggest a variation on the 400m workout we do so often.

April 9, 2020 (or April 10, for the Rain/Wind-Adverse) – NO TMBC – ON YOUR OWN: 12 x 2:00 mile in 10k Pace, w/1:00 minute slow jogs in between.

In this workout, the 2:00 is supposed to substitute for the 400, and the 1:00 jog for the 100m jog, but only Keith, Jill and I run that slowly for 400m at 10k pace, so for some of you this will be almost 1/3 of a mile (closer to 500 meters or more), so it is challenging. As you all will remember, a perfect workout for this regular fixture would be a set where each 400 is slightly faster, while maintaining the same pace on the 100s. Since we are doing this by time, and since we get more rest at a minute than we would have had at 100m on the track, try to focus on going just a little bit farther each 2:00 interval while maintaining the same distance on that 1:00 jog in between. You can do it! Remember to focus on your form, lifting knees and avoiding the dreaded arm cross-over that rocks your core.

And now for something we've all missed – the Coach Rich News!

Hi All. I am back on both feet now and have left the boot (cast) behind. I AM able to walk very normally so have started by lots of walking the dog. The doc has me scheduled to start at least trying some running on Thursday, April 23. I promise no track workout with those first steps.

There have been at least a few virtual races/time trials I'd like to report ...

Mikala Whitaker and Melinda Metz were both targeting the RnR Marathon on March 28. Melinda went out and ran a marathon that day and Mikala decided to do a HM time trial. Mikala's time was 1:41:28, which would be a new PR for her. Mikala wanted to run faster but it was tough all alone. I know she can run faster as I chased her through 5 of the Snowball Series races. Nice work ladies!

Liz Ozeki participated in the Quarantine Backyard Ultra ( This was a very cool event won by Michael Wardian who ran for 63 hours and 262.52 miles. All racers participated by Zoom and Strava. You had to map a 4.167 mile route in your neighborhood. 2,431 runners from all over the world started running Saturday morning at 9AM. Each runner had to have their Zoom video set at their starting corral and they had to start their loop every hour on the hour (and finish before the next hour). You could go as fast or slow as you like but when finished you needed to upload your run to Strava and put your watch in front of your camera. I am sure none of you are surprised that Mike won this event but huge applause for Liz who ran for 13 hours and 13 loops totaling 54.17 miles. So tough Liz! Huge congrats from the entire crew!!! For those wondering where the 4.167 miles comes from it is simply 100 miles divided by 24 hours.

Happy running to all. Stay safe and don't overdo it. Honestly there will not likely be any races for months at this point so you really just want to keep yourself healthy and happy as possible. I look forward to the day we are all back at it together.

Coach Big Guy will be doing the workout at an undecided location, and Coach Rich will be walking the dog and Spinning on his new indoor bike, maintaining Social Distance.


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