3 to 4 x 1 mile in Tempo pace, 400m jog

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

The Coronavirus is still keeping most of us out of our normal routines and housebound. In the meantime, we have some very cool and very wet weather, but I've seen several of you out running, almost always alone or in very small groups or pairs. Please continue to socially distance and look after your health. Unless you feel 100% - DO NOT GO OUT the door, don't run, don't risk infecting others, or getting infected yourself in a time of weakness and pandemic.

For those in top health, tomorrow offers one of the nicest days of the week – a little sun, and cool weather from the low 40s early to almost 60 in the afternoon. A good day for a slightly – and I do mean slightly – more challenging run. Arlington County has closed both the W&L and the Yorktown tracks, so any workouts will need to be done on the Custis/WO&D/Bluemont or other trails. There are mile markers on those, and on the C&O, and most of us have Garmins that give us mile laps, so use those.

Since we are going to be running alone, this week I am recommending the Podcast "Screw it, We are Just Going to Talk About the Beatles" - funny, informative, and great music!  Get it wherever you download your podcasts - and all runners should be listening to podcasts if they run on safe trails.

March 26, 2020 – NO TMBC – ON YOUR OWN: 3 or 4 x 1 mile in Tempo Pace, w/400m easy jogs in between. Since we have no track, do it by minutes – you know your pace at the mile in a 10 miler, which is close to Tempo pace (but a bit faster), so run that or easier

Neither Coach will be at Yorktown tomorrow, as Coach Big Guy will be doing the Tempo workout at an undisclosed (actually undecided) location, and Coach Rich is still on the disabled list with a stress fracture (although he has a cool new indoor spin bike). We will both see you all on the other side once the CDC gives the "All Safe" to resume.

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