3 - 4 x 1600m, 400m jog

Fellow Endorphin Junkies -


The weather tomorrow morning will be very cold, with temps at 24 degrees and lower humidity at 68%, with little wind at 3 MPH, so dress accordingly, and as always you should still bring fluids. The Yorktown Track however, is covered with snow and ice, so we are forced to change venue to the Washington-Liberty (formerly know as Washington & Lee) High School track in Arlington, fairly close to Yorktown and where the main DCRRC track group holds practice, as it is in better shape.

W&L is at 1301 North Stafford Street, and the track is connected to the school building a little closer to Washington Boulevard on Stafford Street. We were just there for the Club Holiday relays.

Washington-Liberty High School

1301 North Stafford Street
Arlington, VA 22201

here is a map link:

W&L is within a couple of blocks of the Ballston Metro. Try to give yourself a little extra time to find it and park. We will meet on the far side of the track from Stafford Street, where the bright light is and we usually put our things when we moved track practice in the past

Accordingly, the Thursday Morning DCRRC Track Practice in Arlington will begin at the Washington-Liberty School track tomorrow at 6:00 AM sharp, with announcements before 6 - so please get there early at about 5:40 on the track to warm up for the workout at 6.

January 9, 2020 - 3 to 4 x 1600m in Cruise Interval Pace (10k pace) with 400m easy jogs in between

Water breaks are important ALL year round, even when it cooler like tomorrow, so remember to hydrate before, during and after your runs - tomorrow after each interval!

NOTE: I expect to see your heart rates in the Mid 80% of Maximum range, and if your rates are higher, you need to slow down!

Stallions: 6:00 to 6:30 Pace, 4 x 1600m Intervals

Wolf Pack: 6:30 to 7:00 Pace, 4 x 1600m Intervals

Gazelles: 7:00 to 7:30 Pace, 3 - 4 x 1600 m Intervals

Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:30 Pace, 3 x 1600m

This week's workout is base workout, aiming at building strength and endurance for your spring marathon, especially if it is Boston. If you are running the Club 10 Miler on Saturday, you might skip this workout or come and do some strides and easy miles. As always, don't go out too quick on the first couple, and try to make each interval a bit faster than the last. Mentally divide each 1600 in 4 parts - first 400, settle into a good rhythm, second 400 focus on form - knees higher than long runs and up on the toes, third 400 make sure you are relaxing and using your arms to lift the knees, not crossing over your body, and last 400, accelerate slowly to finish strong! Remember to leave something in the tank for your last interval, as these segments can be very challenging, even at 10k pace.

Here is the Coach Rich Club News this week:

Congrats to all who ran the annual Predictions & Resolutions 5K on New Year's Day. Also, many thanks to you crew members who volunteered; Jill, Emily, Kenneth, Paul R and Paul W, Will, Kevin, Liz, Keith and Eric. The race could not have happened so successfully without you!

17:51 - Rodrigo Vellon, 3rd OA
19:10 - Christie Wetzel, 1st OAF
19:47 - Brian Young
20:17 - Arielle Weiner, 2nd OAF
20:42 - Kyle Edgerton
20:47 - Katie Stilling, 3rd OAF
22:22 - Kate Scott
23:00 - Yuko Takakusaki, 1st OAF Master
23:08 - Mark Bourgeois
25:40 - Dara Shulman
28:14 - Big Guy
32:51 - Clara Lau
34:31 - Li Fang running with her son Kyle
35:23 - Jill Brasky
36:13 - Elizabeth Humphrey

The Al Lewis 10M is on Saturday. If you are racing, stay in bed and skip today's workout or come out and do some easy jogging and strides with me.

Next Saturday, the 18th are the JFK 20K and 5K races at Carderock. To register go to this page. We also need volunteers and lots of them. To volunteer you will see a link on the registration page.

The Club Challenge 10M is now open for registration. We really want to again make a great showing at this annual RRCA 10M championship race. To register, make sure and do it through this link so you get free registration. If you go direct to the Howard County page you will get asked to pay a fee. Needless to say, you need to be a current club member or your registration will simply be deleted.

See you all in the morning. Dress warm!

Coach Big Guy and Coach Rich will be there at track practice tomorrow.


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