6 x 1000m, 10k Pace, 400m easy jogs

Fellow Endorphin Junkies -

The weather tomorrow morning will be nice, cool and a bit humid, with temps at 45 degrees and humidity at 77%, with little wind at 1 MPH, so dress accordingly, and still bring fluids.

The Thursday Morning DCRRC Track Practice in Arlington will begin at the Yorktown High School track tomorrow at 6:00 AM sharp, with announcements by Assistant Coach Mary K before 6 - so please get there early at about 5:40 on the track to warm up for the workout at 6, which is around the corner from the school, at the intersection of North 28th and Greenbriar streets.

October 24, 2019 - 6 x 1000m at 10K ("Interval") Pace, w/400m easy jogs in between

Water breaks are important ALL year round, even when it cool like tomorrow, so remember to hydrate before, during and after your runs - tomorrow after each interval if youcan!

NOTE: I expect to see your heart rates in the Mid to High 80% of Maximum range, but if your rates are higher, you need to slow down!

Stallions: 6:00 to 6:45 Pace

Wolf Pack: 6:45 to 7:00 Pace

Gazelles: 7:00 to 7:45 Pace

Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:45 to 10:30 Pace

MCM marathon bound – stay in bed – take the day off and get a good night's sleep on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, staying hydrated. This means you Jill Bratsky (amongst others) – stay in bed! Friday you go for a nice shake out run of 2 to 4 miles, and lots of stretching then rest for Sunday – good but not great weather will greet you – good luck to all running – PLEASE let me & Rich know if you are running and your numbers so we can follow up!

This week's workout is a tough workout, particularly because it is so long, and on the heels of an even longer one last week. If you are recovering from a fall marathon, cut this down to 4 or 5 x 1000m. Try to remember that we want to get stronger and faster at the end of the workout, so don't push too hard on the first two intervals – save that push for the last few that you run.

In other club news from Coach Rich:

My apologies for missing a couple of results last week. Congrats to bother Mikala and Kenneth on great performances:
1. Chicago Marathon - Mikala Whitaker 3:42:21 6.5 min PR
2. High Bridge 50K - Kenneth Riley 5:15:21 PR 3rd AG

In this past weekend's racing 3 really nice performances:

1. Carrie Dunn ran an all-time 5K PR of 19:33 at the Run for Remembrance 5K
2. Iron Woman Tatyana Steis, one weekend after her amazing race in Chicago, ran the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Maine. Her time, 3:14:21. That is just one week after her 3:08:11 in Chicago! That was state #13 for Tatyana.
3. Emily Riley ran a 4 minute Half Marathon PR of 1:50:04 at the Columbus (OH) Half Marathon.

Tomorrow night is our DCRRC Happy Hour at Ireland's Four Courts. Come celebrate the Bunion Derby winners and placers along with those that have already run their Fall races. Starting time is 6:30. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Registration is open for our annual Alexandria Turkey Trot 5M. It is a fabulously flat and fast 5M course if you want to burn off some calories early. It is also family friendly and a moving block party so bring all your visiting relatives whether they run or not. They can walk and make room for the Turkey. To register go to: https://www.alexandriaturkeytrot.com/. We also need lots and lots of volunteers. Please consider helping. Register to volunteer at: https://www.alexandriaturkeytrot.com/volunteer/

I won't be at the track tomorrow but I look forward to seeing you at Happy Hour and of course back on the track next week.


Coach Big Guy is in LA making a movie and Coach Rich has got an early meeting, so Coach Mary K will be doing a much better job than either of us could ever do – and GO NATS!!!


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