4 x 5:00 in 5k pace, with 5:00 rest in between

Fellow Endorphin Junkies –

The weather tomorrow morning will still be challenging at 74 degrees and still quite humid at 85% (thus "Real Feel" of 76 degrees), with some wind at 3 MPH. With this humidity and heat, hydration is key – do it at every 5:00 rest interval!

Accordingly, the Thursday Morning DCRRC Track Practice in Arlington will begin at the Yorktown High School track tomorrow at 6:00 AM sharp, with announcements before 6 - so please get there by 5:40 to warm up. The workout is as follows:

September 12, 2019 - – 4 x 5:00 Minute run at 5K Pace with 5-minute recovery jog/walk to start w/water in between

Water breaks are important ALL year-round, particularly when it will be fairly steamy like tomorrow, so remember to hydrate before, during and after your runs - tomorrow each time we finish at our usual start place!

NOTE: I expect to see your heart rates in the low to mid 80% of Maximum range, but if your rates are higher, you need to slow down!

Stallions: 5:15 to 6:15 Pace

Wolf Pack: 6:15 to 6:45 Pace

Gazelles: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace

Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 7:30 to 10:00 Pace

This week's workout is a strong speed workout, and with the wind and heat is going to be challenging. Focus on form, eyes front, knees higher, arms at side lifting the knees, hands relaxed, on toes. At the end of each 5:00 session, we will walk back to the start, hydrate, let the lactic pool, then push past that lactic threshold each interval. I picked this over Ed's Alternate workout for the Wednesday Krewe because our morning weather is not as challenging as the 160 Index they will face tonight. Nevertheless, this is about a 5k race for most of you, so take it easy on the recovery jog/walk/water legs of 5:00 each!

In club news from Coach Rich ...

Some great racing this past weekend with several eye-popping results:

At the Via Half Marathon in Allentown, PA, Liz Ozeki was the 1st OAF with a time of 1:23:16. This was a 6-minute PR for Liz who has won most every race she has entered in recent time. This was phenomenal work, and congratulations!

At the Erie Marathon, Li Fang was the 1st OA Masters Woman with a time of 3:13:19. I believe, but not certain, that this is also PR for Li. As a bonus, and by virtue of Li being 1st OA Master, Carrie Dunn was anointed the 1st OAF in the 40-44 AG with a time of 3:13:57. This was a HUGE PR for Carrie by almost 8 minutes. I strongly recommend you all go on Strava and look at Carrie's pacing and splits. Carrie ran an absolutely perfectly paced race to destroy her race goal of 3:15. How about that though, our two Masters women were 1-2 amongst the several hundred masters women in the race! Congratulations ladies - Just fantastic racing and we are all really proud of you. Your hard work and dedication surely paid off!

At the 9/11 5K, Clara Lau ran a solid 29:57 and posted a picture enjoying a nice cold beer after the race with her medal around her neck. That's the way to do it, Clara! Congrats.

As is his tradition, Hai Nguyen completed another Parks Half Marathon in a time of 1:56. We hope to see Hai back out with us this week or if not then, soon. We are missing you, buddy!

Sunday, Sep 29 is the National Capital 20/5M race. We really need volunteers. If you can help we would really appreciate it. Please register to help or to run at dcroadrunners.org

Coach Big Guy and Coach Rich will see you in the Morning!


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DCRRC National Capital 20 Miler and 5 Miler
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