Thursday Track - 3-4 x 1600, 2 x 400

Hi Everyone. Might be a little wet tomorrow morning but doesn't look too bad and the temps still relatively cool. The workout tomorrow is as follows:

3-4 x 1600M @ 10K pace. 400M recovery. Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace, 200M recovery

One of our go-to strength workouts with some finishing polish for that kick at the end of your next race.

In racing and other club news this week ...

Rodrigo Vellon ran another 10K over in Spain, the Carrera Nocturna de Piedrabuena. His time this week was 38:19. The race was Saturday night (Nocturna) and after Rodrigo spent the day sightseeing with visiting Kyle and his wife Diane. No wonder Kyle ditched our workout last week ;) Nice work Rodrigo.

At the Lawyers Have Heart 10K Kevin Cunningham turned in a solid 47:22 with a strong negative split. Way to go Kevin.

The Bunion Derby Kicked off with the Women's Distance Festival and the Run after the Women 5Ks. Some great results and congrats to all:

Women's Distance Festival
19:09 - Christie Wetzel FTW!!! Yay Christie!
19:29 - Liz Ozeki, 2nd OA
21:02 - Melinda Metz, 1st OA Masters
21:07 - Li Fang, 2nd OA Masters
21:50 - Chelsea Suydam

Run After the Women
18:39 - Brian Young, 3rd AG
19:19 - Chris Walsh, 3rd AG
19:42 - Will Hernandez
22:10 - Mark Bourgeois
22:53 - Gary Morgans, 2nd AG
28:33 - Keith Campbell

The DCRRC Happy Hour is tomorrow night. It will be the Snowball Series Awards and the usual fun with the club providing food. Please come out and wish all club members congrats on their achievements. The festivities begin, at 6:30pm at Arlington's Four Courts right by the Court HOuse Metro. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

The next Bunion Derby races:
Jun 20 - Hugh Jascourt 4M
Jul 04 - Age-Handicapped 4M

Register at

Just me tomorrow as Big Guy is training in Austin, TX this week. I look forward to seeing you all at the track.



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