Thursday Morning Track - 5-8 x 1000, 5K pace, 400 rest

Happy 4th to all!  Great to see many of you a this morning's Sweatfest 4M aka the DCRRC Age-Handicapped 4M.  Those may not be the worst conditions we ever run in but they were pretty bad.  In any event, I know many who were not there and some of you crazies that were are looking forward to solid workout on the track tomorrow.  I will be there to keep the show going while poor Big Guy is dealing with hopefully much cooler temps in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The workout will be 5-8 x 1000, 5K pace, 400 rest.  So this is a speed workout and the conditions will be a little better than this morning but not a huge amount.  Please bring cold water or sports drink and remember to stop and drink every couple reps.  

This mornings results are done manually so we won't see them for a couple days.  The only other racing I know of was Christie and Rodrigo in a triathlon over in Spain.  I don't have any details but saw some nice pictures.  They should be back today and at the track tomorrow so we can get an update from them in the morning.  

As always, please be warmed up and ready to start the workout at 6AM.  Look forward to seeing you there.  



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