Thursday Morning Track

Identical to Wednesday night track workouts. This is simply an alternative to those that cannot make Wednesday night or prefer morning running. The workouts each week are designed by Coach Ed who leads the Wednesday night group and can be found on the Wednesday night track workouts.  

Group leaders for this workout are Coach Stephen "Big Guy" Easley and Coach Rich Mendelowitz.  Both are USATF and RRCA certified coaches. Thursday morning Track Workouts are held at the Yorktown High School track. The Address is 5201 N. 28th Street in Arlington, and the track is around the corner from the school on N. Greenbrier in the Football Stadium. The workout starts promptly at 6:00 AM. Most people arrive to do an easy warm-up together starting around 5:40 and then all do an easy one mile cool-down together after the workout.

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Questions can be emailed to Coach Big Guy or Coach Rich.

Track etiquette reminder

Hi Everyone.  Just a quick reminder on track etiquette.  First off, the track is a shared resource by all in the community so most importantly we need to respect the right of everyone to use it equally.  Last week we had a couple incidents that annoyed local resident users of the track.  One amongst us even fessed up to it.  We cannot let this happen. We will review our rules for our workouts before we start this Thursday but for the warmup please be mindful when warming up in the clockwise direction.  Run single or at most double file to the far left.  Do not string out across the entire track.  If you see oncoming runners in the outside lane, take note soon as you can and give them the right of way.  Also, say good morning and in general, be a good neighbor.  As a running club that promotes running in our communities we need to be the example of good track manners. 

Feel free to comment by clicking on this article to the right of this message.  Make sure you are logged in to comment and then be able to see comments of others.  You will see our regular workout summary message tomorrow and I look forward seeing you all on Thursday.  Thanks in advance on all this.  



Track Aug 17 - 3-4x1600

Hi Everyone.  Big Guy is in Austin this week so just me tomorrow morning.  But alas, he sent his weekly rundown on the workout so here you go:

The weather tomorrow morning will again be fairly brutal, with temps at 73 degrees and 94% humidity, with some wind at 3 MPH and little chance of rain. The workout as follows:

3 to 4 x  1 Mile in Cruise Interval Pace (10k Pace) with a slow 400m jog recovery  - remember to grab water after every interval before the 400m jog 

Stallions: 6:00 to 6:45 Pace, 4 Intervals

Wolf Pack: 6:45 to 7:30 Pace, 3 to 4 Intervals  

Gazelles: 7:15 to 8:00 Pace, 3 to 4 Intervals     

Coyotes/MTP Trainees: 8:00 to 10:00 Pace, 3 Intervals

This is a solid endurance workout.  Focus on keeping pace consistent through all four laps of the mile, although slow acceleration over the final 400 is good.  Also, try to keep your 400 recovery jogs fairly consistent - if you can’t, slow down during the interval.  If you are going to run a fast mile, make it your last - teach your body through repetition to do negative splits.  Just because it is a slower steady repitition over the mile, don’t forget your form, particularly keeping your knees up ore the entire interval.

Here is the club news and race reports for this week:

Steve South staged his own Beer Mile as part of his 37th birthday party.  Coach Rich presided to make sure the standards were kept high.  Andrew Simpson was an excellent support crew.  Of course Steve rocked it turning a time of 8:15.  So that is 4 beers and a mile running in 8:15.  He even looked pretty good while doing it all.  Nice work Steve!

Final race of the Bunion Derby series was the Paul Thurston 4.5M around Burke Lake last night. Here is how people fared.  Nice work all:

29:46 - Rodrigo Vellon

35:17 - Andrew Mulrean

39:54 - Clara Lau

49:21 - Katie Poore

Thank you very much to all of you that have renewed your club memberships.  We really appreciate your continued support. That said, there are still missing a few of you regulars that have not renewed.  Next week I will start calling out names.  Please help us and renew now.  Thanks on this.

See you all tomorrow morning for the usual 5:40 or so warmup and 6:00AM sharp start



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