Kenneth Riley

kennethrileyHow did you find out about DCRRC and when did you join?

My wife Emily brought me along to a couple Thursday morning track workouts in the fall of 2018 (I think?) just as I was starting to get a bit more serious about running. The people were fantastic (shoutout to Rich and Big Guy) and I was hooked.

What are you training for right now?

With spring marathons cancelled, I have been enjoying some downtime, taking on some new running challenges, and chasing neighborhood Strava segments. Hopefully, my next race will be the Chicago Marathon followed by the MCM 50k.

What is the toughest run or race you've ever participated in?

The High Bridge Ultra 50k in October of last year was a super tough race for me physically. After going out a little fast (nothing new here), I fought cramps and dehydration for the last 15 miles of the race. Still managed a 1 hour PB but it was not pretty!

What's the most important lesson running has taught you?

As someone who likes to plan and control as much as possible in my life, running as taught me to let go just a little bit and enjoy the journey - not just the results.

What is your favorite route in the area?

We have a route from our house that includes W&OD, 4-mile run, and Bluemont trail. Good combination of flats and vert which makes for a great workout!

What race day traditions do you have?

Since Emily already stole the PR donut story, the only other race day tradition, but really everyday in fact, is coffee. There is no chance a race can go well if I don’t get my caffeine fix.

What's your favorite post-race meal?

Rarely am I super hungry after a race but a bagel sandwich or donut is usually on the menu shortly after.

What's your proudest running moment?

Honestly, I don’t have a long track record (excuse the pun) with running so there isn’t a lot to pull from yet. Last year was my first serious year focused on running and so completing my first ever marathon - after fighting some hamstring injuries - was a huge accomplishment and ignited a love of distance running!

What's your favorite running book?

North by Scott Jurek on his FKT attempt of the Appalachian Trail

What’s your life like outside of running?

My wife Emily and I love cooking, going to our favorite local restaurants, and hanging out with our two dogs. I also regularly enjoy disappearing into the woods for a night or two for some UL backpacking - this is how my interest in endurance sports really started!

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