Board of Directors Meeting - 8 Sep 2009

DC Road Runners Club - Board of Directors - Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Board Attendees:

Peter Lamberton President

Karol Murray VP - Operation

Benjamin Richter VP - Races

George Getek Treasurer

Sasha Sibert Director - DC

Aaron Cheskis Director - MD

Brian Danza Director - VA

Michael Collins Director - At Large

Elizabeth Humphrey Director - At Large

Scott Smith Website

Other Attendees:

Jay Wind

Mr. Peter Lamberton called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM. He commended the initiative of those stepping up to the plate to take on Club tasks.



  • Heartburn 5K.
    • Association with Ch 9/WUSA and Pacers
    • DCRRC getting no money, but good promotion; responsible for on-line registration, finish line services, race management, etc.
    • For permit, reached out to Kathy of Pacers who has permit already for Sunday, October 18.
    • Mary Ellen Seal/VP Community Relations; Brian/Finish Line Services; Race Directors; Karol not be able to be there this time or for 20-miler.
    • Packet pick up and post race food at Pacers
    • Expect approximately 1,500 folks, but only 800 chips available. Therefore, Brian Danza will order 2,000 chips for both the 20 miler and 5K.
    • Break down and comparison of cost per person per chip and cost per person per year:
  • Paying timing team for race management/finish line services only for outside (non-DCRRC) races
    • Last year, paid Tony/Matt $600 for data entry production; $300 a piece
  • Club Picnic. Confusion with starting times - 4pm vs. 5pm - resulted in a couple of people got their entry fee refunded.
  • Paul Thurston Burke Lake. Experienced a few issues with runners going off course (refund provided) and timing problems because the race did not start and finish at the same time.
  • Larry Noel. Good reinvention with new distance and course, and date. Race date is positioned between the Annapolis 10-Miler and Rock-n-Roll Half. 20-Miler. Race direction team meeting with Park Services to finalize permit process, as well as other jurisdictions the race with run through.
  • Turkey Trot.
    • Club doing on-line registration and then mailing a check. to Del Ray City Association.
    • Registration up $5 to $21.
    • Need at least five people for data entry.
  • Hospice 12K. Next year’s race is scheduled for Saturday, February 6. Timing System.
  • Training is needed that requires paying the ChronoTrack staff for this service.
  • Board approved purchase of a second computer (i.e., “real computer”) for $500.
  • Locating the recording box closer to finish line makes life easier on timing staff.

Membership: No report.


  • George Getek reconciled the finances on QuickBooks.
    • Current Balance: Wachovia – Approx $106K; PayPal – Approx $ 9K
    • 10K: $302.88, which was last year’s expense
    • Certification/Training: $1,400.05
  • Applying expenses to training program versus general funds, but would like a list of names of people who should be getting reimbursed to know who to expect to pay.  Request that Training Program Directors to provide this information.
  • Kenny Ames was tasked track the people’s “coaching commitment” as the result of the certification
  • Phone – Skype does not have as many mailboxes as we want and can not port number for other service provider; consider establishing a new memorable new number.
  • Picnic – A lot of extra food; need to consider how far in advance to promote the event next year
  • Chips & Other Race Expenses
    • Women’s Distance festival - $38 – 50 Cents per finisher; MD RRCA – grand pre racing series – paid as an advertising expense
    • Noel - $100/race = straight based Training Programs: Ten-Miler

Training Program.

  • Weekly runs turn out - Tuesday night has 20-30 people per Katie, and Monday night has 2-6 people per Sasha.
  • Tuesday night run "promoted" to official club run status and Monday night will be subsumed under training programs. SunTrust Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program. Look to start in November.

Old Business:

  • Club Van.
    • Van repairs were completed on July 17th.  The total cost was $1,959, all but the $500 deductible of which was covered by our insurance.  We may see a rise in our premiums as a result of the collision.
    • Brian Danza is taking care of the van's periodic maintenance.
    • Peter Lamberton completed its state DMV inspection and emissions certification.
    • No progress has been made on permanently installed shelving.  Brian Danza has reached a dead end in finding a contractor or shop to modify the van and is looking for recommendations.  Peter Lamberton will put a call for suggestions in the President's blog.
    • Ben Richter, in his role as VP for Races, has authority to resolve conflicting requirements for van use.
    • The Club lost its discounted parking at Pentagon Row, which was being provided through the Gotta Run shop.  Gotta Run has been acquired by Pacers, which is not interested in continuing the arrangement.  Brian Danza said the van is parked near his residence, which is near the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, and is legal as long as it is moved every week or two.  Several Board members expressed concern about potential for theft if it remains parked on the street.  Mike Collins was authorized to acquire secure parking at the CACI Building in Ballston for $130/month.

New Business:

  • USA 10K Trail National Championships. The Club had two representatives, Jay Wind and Chris Johnston, at the US Track and Field National 10K Trail Championship, which featured a 3,100-foot elevation change over its length.  Jay took second place in his age group.
  • Bunion Derby Award Social. Peter Lamberton coordinating with Rachel Bonistalli to arrange an event the Monday after Marine Corps Marathon. Also can recognize ATM training program and welcome new members.
  • Club Marketing. The Club is seeking a volunteer; possibilities include Rachel Bonistalli and Lindsay Paola.
  • Indoor Track Meet. Jay Wind presented information on the indoor track meets held in conjunction with Potomac Valley Track Club (PVTC).

Peter Lamberton adjourned the meeting at 9 PM. Next meeting is 2 November.


Upcoming Events

DCRRC Age Handicapped 4-Miler
Thu, Jul 4th, 2024, @8:00am
DCRRC Bastille Day 4-Miler
Sun, Jul 14th, 2024, @7:00pm
DCRRC Bluemont 5K
Wed, Jul 24th, 2024, @7:00pm
DCRRC Paul Thurston 4.5 Miler
Tue, Aug 13th, 2024, @6:45pm
DCRRC Steve Thompson 8K
Sun, Aug 18th, 2024, @7:00am
DCRRC 3+mile Cross Country Race, Kids' Races and Club Picnic
Sat, Aug 24th, 2024, @4:00pm
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