Board Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2009

DC Road Runners Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 9, 2009

Silver Diner 

Board Attendees:

1. Brian Danza

2. Ian Clements

3. Aaron Cheskis

4. Toni Marie Diegoli

5. Kerry O’Brien

6. Ed Grant

7. Ben Richter

8. Kenny Ames

9. Karol Murray

10. Joe Racine

11. Richard Rapine


Other Attendees:

12. Kevin D’Amanda

13. Rob Wolfe

14. Bob Platt

15. Michael Collins

16. Scott Smith


Mr. Ed Grant called the meeting to order at 7:19 PM.



Races:   The Board agreed not to award Snowball Series race points for the Club Challenge 10 Miler to club runners who did not run for the DCRRC Teams there.  Mr. Joe Racine reported that the Snowball Series was wrapping up and the Ft. Hunt 10K was the last race.  The Wolfes are planning on purchasing more club shoe bags, grocery bags, and lunch boxes.  The lunch boxes have been a hit with race awardees.  The Club may need to purchase more Gatorade water jugs for the van.


Membership:  Ms. Toni Diegoli informed the Board that more club magnets need to be ordered.  There was a discussion to order new stuff for club membership such as water bottles and luggage tags.


Finances:  Mr. Grant presented the up-to-date budget numbers to the Board.  Membership income is lower than the projected number.  The Board may have to lower the projected number for the next annual budget.  The club has collected $135 in total income from the website since November through Google Adsense.  This is about $1 per day of revenue and we should receive our first deposit from Google in a few weeks.  We have collected $300 from the online merchandise store.  Mr. Brian Danza purchased a netbook computer for $379 for the club to be used as the official timing computer.  Mr. Danza purchased the Chronotrack timing system for the club and is expecting the shipment of ground mats and equipment soon.  Total cost for the timing system was around $13,000.


Training Programs:  Mr. Grant reported that the National Marathon and Half-Marathon training programs went very well.  However, Reebok was slow to get its gear to the training program coaches and the National Marathon was short on support for the club.  Ms. Karol Murray will be at the National Marathon Expo on Friday, March 20 to sell the club’s merchandise and hand out membership forms.


Other Business: 

1.           The Nomination Committee, Ms. Kerry O’Brien and Mr. Ian Clements, presented to the Board the complete Board of Directors slate for the election at the upcoming annual banquet.  Mr. Racine made a motion to approve the presented slate and Ms. Diegoli seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously approved the slate and it will be:


President:  Peter Lamberton

Vice-President of Operations:  Karol Murray

Vice-President of Races:  Benjamin Richter

Vice-President of Training Programs:  Kenny Ames

Treasurer:  George Getek

Secretary:  Kevin D’Amanda

Maryland State Representative:  Aaron Cheskis

District of Columbia Representative:  Sasha Sibert

Virginia State Representative:  Brian Danza

Director At-Large:  Michael Collins

Director At-Large:  Elizabeth Humphrey


2.           The Awards Committee, Mr. Ben Richter and Mr. Kenny Ames, presented multiple nominees for each category of the club’s Annual Awards.  The Board discussed and approved the final nominees for each category.  The 2008 Award winners are:


Hall of Fame Inductee:  Susan Hage

Justine Peet Outstanding Volunteer Award:  Brian Danza

Outstanding Male Runner of the Year:  Matt Rodjom

Outstanding Female Runner of the Year:  Kristin Dahling

Outstanding Male Masters Runner of the Year:  Ian Clements

Outstanding Female Masters Runner of the Year:  Win Persina

Most Improved Male Runner of the Year:  Steve McCollum

Most Improved Female Runner of the Year:  Mary Ellen Seale


3.           Mr. Grant would like to award a special plaque to the Greenbelt volunteers who contribute radio/communications/course marshals, etc.

4.           Mr. Danza informed the Board that the club’s website host was moved from Godaddy to inmotion.  The new host provides faster servers, more space, more database functionality, and better email capabilities.  Mr. Danza believes we will be able to have full online and automated membership database renewals and online event registration and payment.

5.           Mr. Scott Smith will be helping Mr. Danza and Mr. Mike Collins with the website and programming.

6.           Mr. Danza is still researching club vans to purchase.  There is a 2008 Ford E350 15-passenger van with 8,000 miles for $18,000 and a 2004 Dodge Sprinter with 36,000 miles for $22,000.  Mr. Grant told Mr. Danza to contact Joe Malley (sp?) of State Farm Insurance when the van is purchased for insurance purposes.

7.           Mr. Danza informed the Board that there are email lists for every important section of the website including the News Updates, President’s Blog, and SLR list.  Emails go out on the top of the hour after they are posted and site administrators can force the emails out immediately.

8.           Mr. Danza would like all Board members to update the Event Calendar as often as possible.

9.           Mr. Bob Platt suggested a newsletter exchange update with RRCA and that DCRRC member address corrections should be updated in the club’s databases.

10.       Mr. Platt suggested inviting Mr. Jeff Horowitz, runner and author, to the banquet to be the guest speaker.

11.       The Board appointed Mr. Platt, Mr. Ames, and Mr. Rob Wolfe to the Banquet Nametag Committee.

12.       Mr. Grant will work with Howard University and the Association of Law Schools for the July 26 race on the Capitol Crescent Trail.

13.       Mr. Wolfe is on the Cherry Blossom Race Committee and requested a volunteer to lead a waterstop and teach other volunteers how to prepare and hand off the water.  Mr. Grant volunteered to do the waterstop.

14.       Ms. O’Brien notified the Board of her intention to step down as the SLR leader before the start of summer.

15.       Mr. Grant is working on a reply to Tom Cook about the Tim Harmon 5K.

16.       Ms. Diegoli informed the Board that scoring for the Club Championship Race Series could not be completed because there isn’t a list of races participating in the series.  Ms. Murray and Mr. Grant will look into the races and scoring.

17.       Mr. Danza would like the general race rules for DCRRC races to be posted on the website.

18.       Mr. Grant notified the Board of his willingness to serve as the club’s legal counsel.  Ms. O’Brien made a motion to approve Mr. Grant as general counsel and Ms. Diegoli seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously approved Mr. Grant as general counsel.

19.       Mr. Grant will look at updating the club’s legal waiver notice and posting a safety page on the website.

20.       Mr. Wolfe needs an estimate of the number of guests at the annual banquet a week in advance.  Mr. Wolfe will look up the minimum number of guests required to reserve a banquet room.  The Board agreed to raise the cost of the banquet fee to $20 starting on Friday, March 20.

21.       Mr. Wolfe gave thanks to Mr. Grant on behalf of the Board for all of Mr. Grant’s hard work and leadership as President.

22.       Mr. Grant thanked the Board for allowing him to serve as President and he requested that retiring Board members stay active in the Club and continue to help out as needed.


Grant adjourned the meeting at 9:05 PM. 


Next meeting:  Annual Banquet, March 22, 2009.


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Sat, Aug 24th, 2024, @4:00pm
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