SLR Hardcore Awards
The following chart is a tabulation of SLR hardcore awards. These are a result of our runners who have at times exhibited uncommon courage and valor in spite of various unplanned events that happened. 

3 hardcore awards means automatic induction into the SLR Hall of Fame.

Caution: Runners may not proactively seek out a hardcore award by putting themselves purposely in some kind of peril or pain. SLRGuy/Gal does not encourage inflicting injuries or danger upon yourselves. 

Only one self-nomination allowed per person. 

Name Date of Award Accomplishments
 Steve Kuhn  5/21/05  A little over a mile into the run Steve tripped over some weather stripping on Memorial Bridge, however, with his knee and hand cut open, Steve got right back up, and continued another 11 miles to complete his run. Arriving back at Iwo Jima, Steve's leg was covered in blood, which he seemed pretty proud of and in no hurry to wash off. Photo One and Two
 Chris Kupczyk  12/26/04  On the morning of December 26, I embarked on a 16-miler on the outskirts of Knoxville, Tennessee. About an hour into the run, I passed a double-wide with two or three dogs in the yard, one of which tore after me with growls and snarls and proceeded to bite and scratch my calves. Fortunately, a car passed by, forcing the dog to retreat. I continued to the turnaround and headed back, this time armed with a long stick. I held the dog off with the stick until it gave up the chase and finished my run. When I returned to my parents’ house and removed my tights, I discovered I was bleeding from scratches and puncture wounds. I filed a report with the county police, who confronted the owner. The owner admitted that the dog had not received any vaccinations, so I’m now getting rabies shots (at least they don’t give them in the stomach anymore) and taking antibiotics.
 Ricky Welton and Mike Stavlund  11/13/04  To Ricky, for lacerating one's knee. However, you are never alone when running with the DCRRC club, Mike, found Ricky and found help to drive them back to Iwo Jima.
 Richard Rapine  11/06/04  For a run that produced an injured toe. See photo for full disclosure.
 Rich Holmes  9/18/04  For his treacherous detour this past week on the Arlington Triangle Route.
 David Kapson  7/10/04  Stung by a bee on his foot while running! Apparently, the bee snuck under the tongue of the shoe and stung his upper foot. Despite the pain, David completed the run. 
 Aaron Cheskis  3/3/04  Aaron Cheskis, DCRRC's team coordinator, came to his first SLR in a year due to injury and was hit by a car on his way back to Iwo Jima! The accident was a result of the driver of the offending vehicle not looking both ways at the intersection where route 50 feeds into Rosslyn. (Please be careful here.) Aaron bruised the knee he recently had surgery on AND had to endure an ambulance and fire truck rushing to the scene to check on his well-being.  
 Tangela Richter  2/14/04  Tangela took a nasty fall on some remaining ice during the infamous Fort Scott Hill Climb. Writes Kerry O'Brien: "We were running along and, all of a sudden, she was on the ground and her hand was bleeding! But, she got right back up and started running again."  
 Alex Liebowitz  1/10/04  On a frigid winter day, on the homestrech of the challenging Ross Drive loop, SLR-regular Alex Liebowitz took a pretty bad fall on the Key Bridge and arrived back at Iwo Jima with a huge welt under his eye. The always-social Alex insisted on going with the group to Whitlow's afterwards and rebuffed offers of help, a ride to the hospital, etc. by more than one young gal!  
 Sharon Logue (3)  11/23/02  With leaves covering the Potomac Overlook trails, at the beginning of her fourth and last lap, Sharon tripped on a hidden rock and her knee and quad landed on another hidden rock. Her knee was slightly bleeding and she twisted her ankle. After taking some time on the ground, Sharon got up and completed the last five miles. A big bruise formed later. >
 Boris  11/23/02  With leaves covering the Potomac Overlook trails, fell flat on the trail and then, according to Boris, "the big guy in a white shirt behind me ran right over my (prone) body." Continued to complete the last seven miles of run.
 Tom Stone  8/21/02  As a result of being questioned about perfect numbers at Whitey's after a long run, developed a very impressive "report" of Euclidian mathematics.
 Dawn Henry  9/7/02  Got a rock in her shoe during the C&O 19-miler and it wore a bloody wound near her ankle.  She
finished though and removed her bloody sock for us all to see at the end. 
 John Spykerman  8/24/02  At halfway point of 22-mile loop, a rough part of his shoe had eaten away a hole in his sock and his skin. He then had turned his sock around so the thick heel part was protecting the place on the side where this blister was. No one had any band-aids so he kept running. He finished the run in 3 hours 20 minutes.
 Kate Tromble  8/24/02  Kate Tromble was tacking on the Roosevelt Island loop when she tripped over a root or rocks and got cut on her knee. Worse than that, the front of her body was completely covered with mud, sticks and dirt, which was all still on her when she finished her run back at Iwo Jima. Unfortunately no one had a camera.
 Richard Stukey  7/20/02  Managed to trip over a small crack in the sidewalk on the first mile of the SLR. Tore up my knee pretty badly, but was so intent on running that didn't even notice the cut. At the top of the hill near the Cathedral, an attractive female runner pointed at his leg and yelled out "hardcore award!"  He didn't know what she meant by this, and was hoping she meant something else. But when stopped running, looked down at knee, and realized that "hardcore award" must have something to do with running and the blood on leg. Washed the blood off leg at The National Cathedral, so there was no evidence back at Iwo Jima.  But there were witnesses, and a pretty good size scab. 
 Richard Rapine  7/27/02  Huge blood blister developed while running Arlington Triangle with EZ Eric Zander. See diagram.
 Ian Clements (2)  7/6/02  Veered off into the woods near National Airport to answer nature's call.  Got poison ivy on his arms, legs, neck, and another area that is normally covered by running shorts....  Later at the track, you could clearly see the broken skin and blisters from the poison ivy on his arms and legs, and we only imagined where else the skin was broken. 
 Ian Clements  6/29/02  Another advertisement for NipGuards, see picture.
 Sharon Logue (2),
John Warden
 3/30/02  On long 16 mile sweaty run, delevoped blood blisters, completed run. Not pictured here is the blood also on Webguy's OTHER foot. Later that day while sightseeing in DC, Sharon popped her blister with a $1 MIA-POW souvenier pin. See evidence 1, evidence 2.
 Susan Rizzieri  1/5/02  On her first SLR during her Presidency, took a nasty spill on the Glover Archibold Trail in the cold, presumably drawing blood, but completed her run and later stuffed shirts into envelopes at the United We Stand 10K.
 Joe Racine  1/1/02  Sacrificed skin and experienced pain for a permanent running tattoo on shoulder.
 Mike McCann  10/28/01  Turned ankle on water bottle at mile 5 of Marine Corps Marathon, then hobbled the last 21 miles to complete 1st marathon. Missed post-race party.
 Scott Boggess  10/21/01  Completed Indianapolis Marathon Saturday, drove to Louiseville, completed Louiseville marathon Sunday.
 Mark from Boston  9/22/01  Let's just say a good candidate for NipGuards. A first-timer and visiting out-of town runner. He was in DC visiting his daughter Teha.  It was Teha's second time running with the group. Besides the physical problem, he had locked his keys in his car. Max gave him a ride to and from his hotel to get his spare set of keys--however by the time they got back, AAA had arrived and opened the car. Mark will return for the MCM and we are sure he will have a better day of it.
 Joanna Schmickel  7/21/01  At her 1st SLR, fell on trail in front of Kennedy Center, began bleeding on knee without even knowing it, and completed last 13 miles of 15 mile run. SEE THE PICTURE.
 Max Reid  7/19/01  Tore off toenail, had ear concussion requiring doctor's visit, stung by jellyfish, then ran Belle Haven 8K
 Valerie Gamache  5/28/01  Tripped on frost heave/pavement, bloody forearm, elbow skin chunk left behind, finished long run
 John Yow  5/19/01  Took 5000mg of painkiller for torn IT band during Ironman CA
 Corey Lanum  5/12/01  Ran SLR with *huge* open blister between toes
 Meghan O'Donnell  4/28/01  Endured Country Music Marathon, country music, heat, vomiting
 Sharon Logue  3/24/01  Finished 13 miles without noticing there was blood showing through shoe
 Tim Troha (2)  3/17/01 Fell in mud, attacked by dog
Hank Donigan 2/17/01 Muddy Holiday Lake 50K++ Lynchburg, 2100 Feet of Elevation Gain
Leilani Eleccion (2) 2/17/01 Muddy Holiday Lake 50K++ Lynchburg, 2100 Feet of Elevation Gain
Eric Zander (2) 1/7/01 Solo 23-mile SLR stealth run on snow around Capital Crescent Triangle
Aaron Trent 11/25/00 Began day in Australia, ended day at Polly Esther's with SLR
Cecily Rekart (2) 11/25/00 2-1/2 hour run in cold on rocky and unknown Heritage Trail
Jodi Jordan (2) 11/25/00 2-1/2 hour run in cold on rocky and unknown Heritage Trail
Cecily Rekart 10/21/00 Long run with the Colonel one week after Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon
Tim Troha 9/23/00 Completed first triathlon while injured, running 7:30 miles at the Make-A-Wish Tri 
Jodi Jordan 8/12/00 Fell on rough pavement near RFK, drew blood, got up, finished run
Eric Zander 8/5/00 Ran 20 miles with open blisters from new shoes
Leilani Eleccion 8/5/00 Ran 20 miles with seriously strained vastus medialis
John Stewart 6/17/00 Survived tough hot run to Old Town and back and subsequent ambulance ride
Ben Richter 6/10/00 Completed RFK / Haines Point route on hot day despite running out of gas after 5 miles
Col. O'Toole (2) 6/3/00 Sandwiched 16 mile run in heat between two gym workouts
Emily Gamblin 4/29/00 Ran SLR and the Sallie Mae 10K on weekend
Steve Holden 4/29/00 Ran SLR and the Sallie Mae 10K on weekend
Bob Platt 2/27/00 Ran MD RRCA 10-miler the day after Last Train to Boston Marathon. (2001 also)


Meghan O'Donnell's Nashville Country Music Marathon Report:
Thanks to Scott running with me the whole way I
obtained a personal record of 4:03:40 (about 9 minute miles), so I cut
twenty minutes off of my Marine Corps Marathon time.  My goal had been
4:05, so just made it.
I was the 204th woman over the line and 37th in my age group.  What was the
price of this?  A few hours after the hilly, really hot (in the 80s!)
marathon I was sick as a dog.  Scott's Mom got to see me projectile
vomiting on the side of the interstate and then standard vomiting a few
times (around some bushes at the Kentucky Vistor's Center and then in her
backyard.  Luckily, I never vomited in her nice car.)  I felt much better
on Sunday morning and was able to enjoy the rest of my Kentucky vacation.