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SLR Alumni

When a core SLR member leaves town for good, it is a sad day. But it has a bright side: now the rest of us have places to stay when we travel!
Name Member Dates Current Location
Gene Burkett 3/00-9/00 New York City, 36rd St.,
Jodi Jordan 1/99-12/00 Japan
John Yow 5/00-1/01 In  San Diego 9/6/01,
Peter Ward 1999-6/16/01 Western Sahara,
Hank Donigan 4/29/00-6/20/01 Camp Fuji, Japan
Blake and Alex 2000-6/01 Somewhere, Military
Tim Troha 2/12/00-6/30/01 Boulder,
Dana Greene 2000-1/11/02 San Diego, invites everyone to come visit for RNR Marathon