This group is intended for club members with several years of racing experience who want to take their running to the next level. Consistency, structure, and avoiding injury will be emphasized. Participation is free and open to those who can reasonably aim for the following times:

  Men Women
10 Mile 1:05 1:10
Half Marathon 1:28 1:35
Marathon 3:05 3:15

Weekly Schedule

Each week will include two workouts and a quality long run. The exact schedule will depend on participants' goal races.


Meet above the Iwo Jima Memorial at 6:30 or near the Jefferson Memorial for a warmup, tempo run or hill repeats, and cooldown.


Meet at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington at 6:50pm, warmed up and ready for drills, strides, and stretching. We'll participate in the regularly-scheduled club workout (usually or fartlek) at 7:30pm.


Meet at North Meade Street Park in Arlington for a long run (pace varies). Start time corresponds with the club Saturday Long Run.

Sign Up

For more information, contact Brian Danza or Dylan Barlett, or sign up for emails below. Weekly updates will be posted on this page.

Summer / Fall 2019 schedule. 

This schedule targets the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon and will have a couple of conflicts with club races.

weeks out Date Workout
20 6/10/19 10-15 minutes
19 6/17/19 12-15 minutes
18 6/24/19 15 minutes
17 7/1/19 4 hills
16 7/8/19 18 minutes
15 7/15/19 21 minutes
14 7/22/19 4-6 hills
13 7/29/19 24 minutes
12 8/5/19 26 minutes
11 8/12/19 27 minutes
10 8/19/19 30 minutes
9 8/26/19 33 minutes
8 9/2/19 8 hills
7 9/9/19 36 minutes
6 9/16/19 39 minutes
5 9/23/19 42 minutes
4 9/30/19 10 hills
3 10/7/19 45 minutes
2 10/14/19 30 minutes
1 10/21/19 15 minutes
0 10/27/19 Raceday 

March 23 HPT Hill workout

Ladies and Gentlemen, back by popular demand after a two month hiatus, the mythical hill workout.

Everyone should be peaking for Boston and Cherry Blossom at this point. I would say that marathoners should do 10 a little slower and 10 mile folks can get closer to red like while doing 8 repeats. 
Meet at Iwo Jima 6:30 and warm up by running 3 miles, cemetery --> Mt. Vernon Trail --> Roosevelt island parking lot --> Roslyn. 
We will start the hill repeats at the corner of N Oak Street and Lee Highway (just north of the Marriott), and run up the Custis trail to the bridge over 66. That gives us half a mile of uphill running for each repeat. 
Gathering Points:
Iwo Jima: at the bike share station on N. Meade Street at the corner of 14th.
This is a one night only show, don't miss it.

March 16 HPT tempo run

Looks like we are going to get lucky and have an excellent evening for a tempo run. 
As usual we will meet above the Iwo Jima memorial at 6:30, and warm up to the Jefferson memorial. From there we will begin immediately at the Jefferson memorial, run around Hains Point from the west side first, then all the way back up to Georgetown.
The goal for tonight is 36 minutes of tempo time which should get the faster folks up to the volleyball courts.
Also, get ready, next week is a hill workout.

Feb 23 HPT Tempo Run

Hey guys, because of the snow and slush we are going to do things a little differently this week.

Not to worry though, we will still start from the Iwo jima memorial at 6:30, but from there we will change it up a little. Instead of meeting people at the Jefferson memorial on the dc side, people should meet us at the Lincoln memorial by the south side refreshments stand at 6:50 (email if you have any questions).

From there we will start the the tempo run at the John Ericsson National Memorial, running down Ohio drive to the tip of Hains point and straight back up without going all the way around for a total of 30 minutes at tempo pace.


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Upcoming Events

Kinhaven 5K, 1K Fun Run, and Toddler Dash
Sun, Oct 20th, 2019, @9:00am
October Happy Hour/Bunion Derby Awards
Thu, Oct 24th, 2019, @6:30pm
Board Of Directors Meeting
Thu, Nov 14th, 2019, @7:00pm
DCRRC Bread Run 10K & 2 Mile Fun Run
Sun, Dec 8th, 2019, @10:00am
Gar Williams Half Marathon
Sun, Dec 15th, 2019, @9:00am
Book Club
Sun, Dec 15th, 2019, @4:00pm
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