TMBC - 6 to 8 Yasso 800s, 400m jog rest

Fellow Endorphin Junkies

Tomorrow will be very warm and swampy, with Temps in the lower-70s and high (91%) humidity, little wind, and little chance of rain, so dress accordingly. Greenbriar track at Yorktown is right around the corner from the school, and we will be warming up at 5:40 so that we can start the intervals right after 6 AM!

If you've been running this week, you know how important that you bring plenty of fluids and hydrate – at a minimum every other interval at the finish before your rest interval, but every interval would be ok. Rich and I want to tell everyone how great it is to see so many of you back out at the track! We hope more will join – and just so you know, it looks as if the entire TMBC Crew has gotten their vaccinations so we are hoping we are safe out there following CDC protocols!

June 10, 2021 – Yasso 800s – 6 to 8 Yasso 800s - at a pace where your expected marathon time in hours and minutes is your 800 pace in minutes and seconds, with 400m easy jogs between each 800 in the exact same time as your 800, not faster or slower

To reiterate how to calculate your 800 time take the hours and minutes of your expected (hoped for) marathon time – in my case three hours and 50 minutes (Dream on!) and convert that to an 800 time of three minutes and 50 seconds, followed by a slow 400m jog in three minutes fifty seconds. It is VERY easy to jog that 400m too fast – but don't do it! Much more critical to run ALL of the 800s at the same pace/time, even as you tire, and fully recover if possible, on that exact same time on the slow 400. Yasso 800s are a favorite of Coach Ed and Coach Big Guy, developed by the legendary Coach Bowman from Oregon who coached Steve Prefontaine – and one of the best workouts you can do for the marathon!

Here is the Coach Rich Club Report:

Greetings Thursday Morning Faithful. In the news this week, BABIES! That's right, two of our very own are expecting. Hope Seck and husband Ben are expecting child number 2 in November and Liz Ozeki and husband Ben are expecting their 1st, also in November. So let's see, both dads named Ben and both coming in November. Hmmm? :) Anyway, huge congrats to both these ladies. We are all very excited for you.

Big Guy used to keep track of how many of our runners who brought new little runners into the world. Maybe he still does, but I have long since lost track. I do remember the first being Robyn Bernardy in 2013, but I lost track years ago.

No racing this past weekend but expect it will be picking up a bunch now that races are back. Check the club website to register as most Bunion Derby races are now open for registration.

Happy Running!

Coach Big and Coach Rich will be at Yorktown tomorrow!


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