This group is intended for club members with several years of racing experience who want to take their running to the next level. Consistency, structure, and avoiding injury will be emphasized. Participation is free and open to those who can reasonably aim for the following times:

  Men Women
10 Mile 1:05 1:10
Half Marathon 1:28 1:35
Marathon 3:05 3:15

Weekly Schedule

Each week will include two workouts and a quality long run. The exact schedule will depend on participants' goal races.


Meet above the Iwo Jima Memorial or near the Jefferson Memorial for a warmup, tempo run or hill repeats, and cooldown.


Meet at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington at 6:50pm, warmed up and ready for drills, strides, and stretching. We'll participate in the regularly-scheduled club workout (usually or fartlek) at 7:30pm.


Meet at North Meade Street Park in Arlington for a long run (pace varies). Start time corresponds with the club Saturday Long Run.

Sign Up

For more information, contact Brian Danza or Dylan Barlett, or sign up for emails below. Weekly updates will be posted on this page.

Winter 2017-18 schedule. 

This schedule targets Marine Corps Marathon and will have a couple of conflicts with club races.

weeks out Date Workout
20 11/27/17 10-15 minutes
19 12/4/17 4 hills
18 12/11/17 12-15 minutes
17 12/18/17 15 minutes
16 12/25/17 18 minutes
15 1/1/18 21 minutes
14 1/8/18 4-6 hills
13 1/15/18 24 minutes
12 1/22/18 27 minutes
11 1/29/18 30 minutes
10 2/5/18 6 hills
9 2/12/18 33 minutes
8 2/19/18 36 minutes
7 2/26/18 39 minutes
6 3/5/18 8 hills
5 3/12/18 42 minutes
4 3/19/18 45 minutes
3 3/26/18 10 hills
2 4/2/18 30 minutes
1 4/9/18 15 minutes
0 4/16/18 Raceday 

April 23 HPT Tempo runs

Hey everyone, it's tempo Monday. 
I hope all of you are ready to run on an absolutely gorgeous night. 
As you probably know, we are going to keep it to shorter tempo runs until mid-June, when the fall program targeted at MCM will start. 
For now simply enjoy not killing yourself every Monday, until the inevitable summer misery arrives. 

Marathon Monday HPT Tempo Run

Happy Marathon Monday everyone. 
Most of our friends already dropped their bags so they won't get this message, but good luck and kick ass anyway. 
for those of you who want to watch live, you can do so here.
if you don't have a Comcast account, let me know and I will set up a special feed. 
As for tonight's tempo, same as all the time... The short route Iwo-Jefferson-Georgetown-Rosslyn. 



April 9 HPT tempo run

Congrats to all Cherry Blossom runners, and thanks to Marc, Christie, and Rodrigo for cheering.

  • Noah 58:12
  • Farley 59:36
  • Rochelle 59:53
  • P-J 1:02:45
  • Dylan 1:05:40
  • Alex 1:06:54
  • Toni 1:07:25
  • Kyle 1:08:38

We're in the final countdown to Boston, so a brief 15 minutes of tempo. I'll be running easy.


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